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Posted by on Oct 26, 2016 in 2016 Presidential Election, Guest Contributor, Politics | 6 comments

Throw that woman in prison… NOBODY deletes 30,000 emails. [Guest Voice]

by Steve Krome
For the last several years we’ve been bombarded with stories and speculation about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and of her DELETING 30,000 emails. What was she doing…? What was that woman thinking?

If you’re like me you probably thought 30,000 emails? Nobody gets 30,000 emails!
With that number in mind I took a look at myself and my email habits just to make sure.

Now admittedly I’m not the Secretary of State with thousands of employees and people worldwide vying for my attention but HEY… Even though I’m a little guy with only one email address that’s close enough to get a good idea of what this treacherous woman was trying to pull over on us.

With this as my motivation I was surprised to see that I’d deleted 28 emails today and didn’t feel a thing.

Today (10/25/2016) I received 32 emails
1 – Pizza Joint
2 – Rolling Stone
2 –
4 – Computer Joint
1 –
3 – High School Reunion website
4 – Newspaper Joint
2 – Fun and Games Joint
5 – eBay
7 – Friends / Relatives

After reading and responding to or ignoring them… I deleted 28.

OK now let’s do the math… Assuming I receive 28 emails a day I delete:
196 emails a week (28 x 7)
882 emails a month (196 x 4.5)
OR 10,584 emails a year.

At that rate in 4 years (Hillary Clinton’s tenure as SOS) I delete… 42,336 emails.

And at that rate trying to make a scandal out of 30,000 or 40,000 or 60,000 deleted emails looks a little silly.

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  • rudi

    Did you manually delete or BleachBit?
    Trump and the Wingnuts were all freaked out over BleachBit. Only problem is that it is simple, FREE and OpenSource, not some BlackWeb DOD software.

    ‘Acid-washed emails’

    Claim: Donald Trump claims Hillary Clinton “acid washed” 33,000 personal emails to delete them, something he said was an “expensive process”.

    Reality Check verdict: A claim that has been debunked before. The FBI said Clinton’s team used a free software programme called BleachBit. No chemicals were used. When he first made this claim, Trump’s campaign said that he did not literally mean “acid washed”, adding that it was a play on words and reference to a joke made by Clinton about “wiping” her email server with a cloth. BleachBit debunked Trump’s claim on its website saying the software is not “very expensive,” adding that it is completely free of charge.

  • Joe Cochran

    What puzzles me is that no one has brought up the private email servers that were used by GW Bush when his office was trying to get rid of Federal Prosecutors that were not going after “Voter Fraud” If I remember correctly, when these servers were found, millions of e-mails were lost. So what’s the difference other than the GOP servers were clearly illegal.

    • Robert P. Coutinho

      What I don’t get is why people are so hung up on her emails, since, afaik, the server WAS NOT HACKED. Meanwhile, Manning delivered the emails that WERE on the State Department server to Julian Assange!

      • Slamfu

        What I don’t get is why people are so hung up on her emails

        For the life of me, I don’t get it either. Even if it was against policy and she was guilty of violating it as far as things go that rates a misdemeanor at best, especially considering that it’s apparently so recent a policy that the previous administration didn’t have to follow it. It’s like how so many NRA supporters get hung up on the term “Assault Rifle”, which doesn’t really have an official definition, and seem to argue that point instead of the meat and potatoes of gun violence and why people want some restrictions. One of those forest for the trees arguments, just something to distract from the real conversation.

  • JSpencer

    Why Steve, I’m shocked! Clearly you belong in prison too! This will not stand!!!

    • Slamfu

      I know, right? 🙂

      I just went to my personal email account which I haven’t cleaned out in a while and deleted 9400 old emails. Please no one tell Trey Gowdy, Darrell Issa, or anyone in the GOP really. I don’t have years or the money to fend off all the investigations into my clearly illicit activities.

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