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Posted by on Mar 4, 2009 in Politics | 2 comments

Those Titillating Republicans

In all the hooha between Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh, the GOP is overlooking the fact that, by long tradition, John McCain is the titular head of their party.

That precept struck me in 1964 during a long conversation with former President Eisenhower. Discussing various issues, he clearly could not bring himself to mention Richard Nixon by name but kept calling him “the titular head of the party” as their 1960 candidate, even though Ike himself was the most recent Republican to occupy the White House.

This year, Republicans are no more enamored of McCain than Ike was of Nixon back then. Their 2008 candidate was non grata at the Conservative Political Action Conference last weekend, where they also pummeled their 21st century Ike, George W. Bush.

The only prominent national politician who seems to recognize McCain’s standing is his former opponent, Barack Obama, who had the Arizonan at his side today as he ordered his administration to conduct a review of how contracts are awarded throughout the government.

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  • superdestroyer

    Why should anyone care who people see as head of a poltical party that is irrelevant to poltiics. The Republicans have zero impact on policy and zero impact on the operations of the government. The Republicans will lose seats in 2010 no matter what the economy does because there are many vulnerable Republicans but almost no vulnerable Democrats.

    Instead of have 10 Rush Limbaugh posts for every one post about the economy, how about every take a week off from posting about the mechanics of politics and spend your time trying to figure out how the U.S. have run $1.5 trillion dollar deficits while having open borders, massive new government spending programs, and thousands of pages of regulations to restrict the private sector?

  • DdW

    Rush Limbaugh February 13, 2009:

    “I’ll say it again. Not only do I want Obama to fail, I want this package to fail. I want this to blow up in their face.

    I hope the stimulus bill fails. I hope it does exactly what we know it will do, blow everything to smithereens and not do one thing that has been promised. Apparently, experience is the greatest teacher, and when these poor people who think Barack Obama means a new house, a new car, a new job, when they find out that’s not what Barack Obama means, maybe then they’ll see. So I hope that happens.

    I hope Obama fails. Now the bill has passed the House. I hope when they implement it, that it fails. If I hope it fails beforehand, I better hope it fails afterwards to be consistent, right?”

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