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Posted by on May 14, 2006 in At TMV | 6 comments

This Must Stop

I pray for an end to terrorism, speedily and in our days. Daniel Wultz died today, the 11th murder by Islamic Jihad on April 17 in Tel Aviv, Israel. He was an American citizen, a high school student from the Miami, Florida vicinity.

The late Daniel Wultz

I am so sick of this.

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  • Jordan

    The US needs to reevaluate their policy in the middle east. We need to be asking ourselves if we are doing what is fair, and if our actions are there are a source of our international problems.

    Anyone who thinks our policy there is fair needs to take a long hard look at how that mess all started…

  • bacci40

    so jordan,

    are you saying that it is u.s. policy that causes some nut job palsestinian to blow him or herself up and take a bunch of israelis too?

    this inspite of israel pulling out of gaza and soon much of the west bank.

    if i recall, clinton had brokered a peace which would have handed control of almost everything the palestinians were asking for, and arafat the corrupt walked away from the table, because to accept the accord would have cost him billions personally.

    why cant you people accept the fact that evil has nothing to do with policy.

    the arabs will not stop their violence until there is no jewish presence in the mid east.

    but that aint gonna happen…so what policies should the u.s. change?

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    Jordan, please go educate yourself about the Middle East.

  • inner_tab

    Holly in Cincinnati,

    Go study up on perspectives and argumentation.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    inner_tab: Sounds as though you too need to go educate yourself about the Middle East.

  • inner_tab

    Hack in Haifa,
    Been there, done that. Boooooriiiiing.

    Obsessing about “being wronged” sometimes requires SSRIs.

Posted by on Dec 29, 2005 in At TMV |

This Must Stop!

While I was off at morning minyan there was yet another terrorist attack in Israel. A suicide bomber who was attempting to cross from the West Bank into Israel proper blew himself up when he was stopped by soldiers. Apparently one soldier, two Palestinian civilians and the bomber are dead. The likely culprit is Islamic Jihad.

New York Times/Reuters coverage

Haaretz coverage

MEANWHILE, according to Reuters, Al-Qaeda in Iraq has claimed responsibility for missile attacks on northern Israel made from Lebanon.

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