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Posted by on Apr 13, 2012 in Guest Contributor, Media, Politics | 48 comments

The War on the War on Women Woman

Welcome to the Etch-a-Sketch.

Now, if you’re paying attention, you just learned the Achilles heel of the Romney campaign. If you haven’t been paying attention, that’s YOUR Achilles heel, which they intend to exploit.

I speak of course, of Ann Romney’s dirty crack.

ABC News leads off with this Orwellian horse-puckey:


Ann Romney Fights Back: Debuts on Twitter to Counter DNC Advisor’s Insult — PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Ann Romney’s debut on Twitter couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. — Ann’s first tweet came just moments after Democratic strategist and DNC adviser Hilary Rosen lobbed an insult at Ann Romney …

It’s only an insult if it ain’t true, just like it’s only libel if it’s not true, and it’s only news if the soulless imbeciles at ABC news actually used facts.

They did not.

The logical argument was this: is there a war on women? and, if so, is Mitt Romney’s astonishing assertion that NO, Republicans aren’t engaged in it, OBAMA is engaged in it (false 90%+ figure of women’s job losses under Obama). Oh, and Ann Romney is Mitt’s advisor on female matters.

He put her in the cross-hairs. She was placed on the public stage by her own volition and by her ambitious husband. (This will be important later.)

Ann Romney as she sees herself

In a season of mendacity, it seems a strange thing that so blatant an untruth, a lie, a fiction would pass so easily through the catamite press corps(e), but there you have it.

See see the “firestorm” on Memeorandum this morning.

Hilary Rosen, a CNN talking head identified as a “Democratic strategist” made the logical statement in rebuttal that Ann Romney was not in the least qualified to discuss the travails of working women and single mothers in this economy, including the “unfortunate” statement “she’s never worked a day in her life.

By this, of course, it is CLEARLY meant that Ann Romney has never worked in a W-2 wages time clock commercial job in her life.

But the mendacious Romney campaign (who have issued lie after unchallenged lie throughout this poisonous primary season) intentionally misconstrued the word “work,” so that Ann Romney could pull herself into high dudgeon — even creating a Twitter account to plead her sooty purity as a voice for vee-jay-jays everywhere — that she’s raised several Orthodontically engineered children, which is “hard work.”


Working mother?

But clearly she didn’t “work” in the context the statement was made in.

And she and her lying husband and his Cthuylu corps of advisors well know it. The lie is clearly intentional, and the phony outrage is all the more demonic for it.

But we live in a media age, and supporters of Romney cry great crocodile tears.

And the “civil” morons of the media and the “left” go right along, demanding that Hilary Rosen publicly APOLOGIZE to Ann Romney for the “insult” to her hyper-productive genitalia. Which Rosen did.

I will stipulate that Ann Romney has done “hard work” in raising her children in the lap of luxury — even though that assertion, in itself, is probably laughable. But the mere functioning of her reproductive apparatus no more makes her an “expert” on women’s issues than owning a cheap telescope (never used) makes one an astrophysicist.

playing to the fools

The fundamental argument here is so laughable that only the criminally insane and those who have sustained organic brain damage could possibly take it seriously.

But no: the Obama Administration and its functionaries all instantly distanced themselves from Rosen, even as the Right Wing Smear Machine sprang into sulphurous action. As per usual, all the Righties banded together and all the Lefties fled the field of rhetorical battle.

Has no one been paying attention, say, since George H.W. Bush based his 1988 election on smearing Dukakis as a “card-carrying member of the ACLU” and “Willie Horton”? (Implicitly, of course, that they were AGAINST civil liberties, as has been amply demonstrated in the intervening years — emphasis on “demon.”)

The functionality of Ann Romney’s lady parts no more makes her an expert on women’s issues than her imputed ability to drive two Cadillacs (at the same time, seemingly, a sort of Amazon Ben-Hur, astride the twin yoked mechanical beasts), or her assertion that, with nine figures in hubby Mitty’s account, she “doesn’t think of herself as wealthy.)

Someone is comatose here, and that needs to be pointed out.

Ann’s two Cadillacs, ‘Willard’ and ‘Ben’

Especially noteworthy are two sleazeballs at Politico, who write this bit of offal:

“There’s no such thing as a mom who’s not a working mom, so this was an unfortunate incident,” said Virginia Del. Barbara Comstock, a longtime Romney backer. “But it highlights some of the division that we’ve been seeing from the Obama campaign because they don’t want to talk about the fact that the Obama economy isn’t working for women.”

Utterly begging the question throughout, taking GOP talking points as gospel and pretending that they, in Olympian detachment, are “judging the facts” when their conclusions (implicit and explicit) belie the actual facts.

What we have to ask ourselves is this: are the reporters from ABC, Politico, et al so STOOPID that they don’t know what’s being pulled? (Hardly.) Or, rather, are they willing participants and collaborators  in what is transparent mendacity and Rovian lies?

What say you, sentient beings?

We EXPECT the cynical manipulation of OUR civility to barbaric ends, of course. But, inevitably, we of the left capitulate to Republican bullying tactics, and hide under our bedclothes whilste we wet our pants (or, panties, in deference to actual working women) in terror.

And it is getting OLD, people.

This entire phony controversy has been ginned up to distract from the irrefutable FACT that there IS a war on women, and four more bills were signed in Arizona and Wisconsin just this week, in case you were needing an exclamation point to drive it home.

But the soulless vampyres of the GOP/Romney Etch-a-Sketch machine know that merely gainsaying naked facts creates a false controversy, and, ultimately, reality — in the minds of the viewers of the swill that CNN, ABC, Fox, et al, ad nauseum produce like pink slime as a political additive to their rhetorical scheiss-burgers.

The Achilles heel of the Romney (or is that the Romany?) campaign is the Truth.

The Achilles heel of the rest of us, seemingly, is the Lie.

It’s really as simple as that.

I just want to see somebody have Hilary Rosen’s back, and somebody challenge Ann Romney’s affront.

She IS a part of this campaign, and, having made herself a public figure, is undeserving of any special benefit or protection. She has to face the same political ugliness that the Obamas have (where are the cries of wounded womanhood when Michelle Obama is called “The Mooch” and derided as a mad spendthrift, behaving as Marie Antoinette in the midst of this horrible Recession?), that Hillary Clinton has, that every other man and woman in the political arena must face.

The “iron maiden” of the Romney Campaign

But, such would be sane.

And again, the Morlocks have shamed the Eloi, even as they feast on their warm, tender flesh.

Get a grip America, before we truly become Amerika.

A man who will say anything to get into office will do anything once IN office.

Or haven’t you been paying attention.

You spoke correctly, Hilary Rosen, and I do not accept your apology.

Because you had nothing to apologize for.

The truth is the truth: Ann Romney has never done an honest day’s work in her life. Vee-jay-jays and output excluded.

Pity the poor multi-millionairess?

In a pig’s eye.



A writer, published author, novelist, literary critic and political observer for a quarter of a quarter-century more than a quarter-century, Hart Williams has lived in the American West for his entire life. Having grown up in Wyoming, Kansas and New Mexico, a survivor of Texas and a veteran of Hollywood, Mr. Williams currently lives in Oregon, along with an astonishing amount of pollen. He has a lively blog His Vorpal Sword. This is cross-posted — with minor modifications — from his blog.

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