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  • AustinRoth

    Maybe we should invade the UN, and attempt regime change there!

  • domajot

    I don’t understand the silence in the aftermath of hese events.
    Come to think of it, human rights as a whole seems to have disappeared from news, with only the occasional blip.
    Maybe we’re too consumed by the Iraq war to pay attention to anything else?
    It’s kind of eerie.

  • White Agent

    I don’t know where you cut and pasted your information from David, but I prefer to read dirrectly from the UN when they have something to say.

  • The link doesn’t clash with my post at all–my post mentioned the lack of the UNHRC to pass a strong resolution against the Darfur genocide in its session. You linked to a press release, obviously of a different calibur than an official resolution. I also noted the council’s failure to issue any country-specific condemnations (except for Israel), and its worth noting that the press release does not appear to hold Sudan accountable (much less condemn it) for the actions of the Janjaweed, and studiously avoids labeling the conflict “genocide.”

  • White Agent

    Your cut and paste is not “actual resolution”, its an op-ed. All that aside, it would seem that Israel has but one option; To save Danfur and thus their reputation! I’m sure they really want to…in their hearts.

  • Actually, refugees from Darfur have been sneaking into Israel. They’re safer there than in an Arab country.

  • Unfortunately, Israel has abdicated its duty towards this refugees–it has not been willingly accepting them. Shame on them for that. Israel for obvious reasons can’t do anything militarily in Darfur, but the refugee issue is one where it has no excuse not to come down firmly on the side of the right (even Marty Peretz has criticized them on this front).

  • White Agent

    David…in defense of Israel….we arn’t taking them either.

  • Though Israel is one of those countries on the list that needs these reminders from the UN, how they are treating the Palestinians pales in comparison to the crisis in Darfur. What the Sudanese government has created is spilling over into other countries, especially Chad. It is destabilizing the region.

    And here is the all holy reason why nothing is being done to Sudan. Oil. Lets face it, Sudan has it Israel doesn’t. It does not matter whether countries in the UNHRC are the big countries (like the US or China) that need oil, they are still going to be pressured to support the interests of those countries. There is always going to be that pressure, both diplomatic and economic. Anyway oil is what drives this world economies at this point. Until we can free ourselves from being so dependent on limited natural resources controlled by only a few nations, and so long as those few nations can provide those resources inexpensively and at great profit for corporations, then nothing is going to be done about this ubiquitous inhumanity.

  • I’m not sure oil explains it. It clearly plays a role–aside from Sudan’s natural endowments, oil is one of the key reasons why the Organization of the Islamic Conference holds so much power in the UN (and protects its member-state Sudan).

    But it doesn’t explain why, say, Cuba sees so little pressure. Or Zimbabwe. Or Belarus.

    Oil means something, but it doesn’t explain why the UNHRC focuses solely on Israel to the exclusion of every other country in the world.

    That requires alternative explanation. And sadly, the one that springs immediately to mind is anti-Semitism.


    WA: The US also is forfeiting its duty to protect refugees, which also is shameful. I think all countries have an affirmative obligation to protect genocide victims, and thus all countries can be blamed for their failure. But it is particularly disappointing for Israel, a country born because of genocide and because fleeing victims found no safe harbor or haven, to join the abdication.

  • I think Cuba does not see much pressure because compared to other nations in the world it is not a problem. Most of what we ‘know’ about Cuba is hyped because Castro went and did his own thing rather than doing what we told him. So, for the past 50 years our country has been having a hissy-fit over a Cuba that expelled our financial interests rather than allowing them to stay and continue to take advantage of an oppressed people.

    Also, as for their condemnation of only Israel, I think it is less anti-Semitism and more of a tactic for sticking it to the US by proxy. Israel, other than our occupation army in Iraq, is the face of the West in the Middle East. We support them financially and politically, and many nations are jealous of that.

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