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Posted by on Mar 7, 2008 in Politics | 9 comments

The Two-Party Mass O’ Junk: My Hope!

I waded into the Democratic and Republican sea because I was drawn to the first viable black presidential candidate, Senator Barack Hussein Obama (middle name games don’t work on me). I followed Senator Obama’s run and in the process followed the runs of all the Democratic and Republican candidates. MSM, blogs, flash cards, you name it. I was thoroughly engaged in the process. But the recent news cycles of NAFTA-gateness, 3am-ism (which is a fine time for one last drink), Monster-stuff, Prez Bush McCain lovin’, Obama-Clinton: Who’s tougher (I’d whoop ’em all blind-folded), Oh Canada?!?!, along with assorted blogospheric partisan hackery has slapped me straight.

I’m disengaging myself from the process and it feels so good! I’m home again…

I’ve never voted for a Democrat or Republican since I abhor the two-party system and all their respective games, phases, cycles, chants, and cadences. I’ve always picked a third party and voted for that party to protest the Big 2. And I will do the same in the 2008 Presidential Election.

Since I’m now disengaged from the Big 2’s Battle Royal, my mind is now clear. And with a clear mind, I start hoping for things. And I have one hope that would add all kinds of intrigue to the Big 2’s School Dance: Senator Obama suspends his campaign for the Democratic nomination and runs for POTUS as an independent.

I… would… absolutely… pass… out… in… utter… euphoria!

I can see the headlines now:

Obama renounces the Dems! Goes Indie!

Guts or Guile or Something Else: Obama’s Independent Run

Can Clinton and McCain fight off the renegade Obama?

I Told Ya He Was A Muslim! He goes against BOTH PARTIES AND AMERICA! (obligatory far wing headline)

What would the Democratic Party do? What would those Dem VIPs who support Senator Obama now do? What would those who are registered Democratic voters do? Stick by Senator Obama or support Senator Clinton the Democrat? And don’t get all giggly, Republicans. Senator Obama has pulled independent voters from the same pool as Senator McCain has. And Senator Obama’s primary turnout beats the oatmeal out of Senator McCain. You really think that Senator McCain would actually benefit from an Obama Indie Run? Methinks not too much.

And how could I forget black Democrats that support Senator Obama. Will they fold back into the party for Senator Clinton or will they continue to support and vote for Senator Obama? Of course the “low key bigot arm” of America will say that Senator Obama really is the “Black President” if black folks support his independent run for POTUS (“Obama’s leading a BLACK PARTY” would be one headline among many). The sheer cycles of news that an independent run for POTUS by Senator Obama would change global weather patterns. Not to mention the amounts of oxygen that would have to be administered to the MSM and blogosphere punditry. I would vote for Senator Obama just to do my part in stirring the pot. Then I would drop him like a candy wrapper.

As a third party protest voter (glad to be back), seeing that monkey wrench get thrown into the 2008 Election Machinery would be just desserts for a system that thrives on controversy, name-calling, hubris, hustling, lying, pandering, and downright silliness. My hope for an independent presidential run by Senator Obama would probably add to that. But that’s a small price to pay to watch a three way “war of the roses” and all the associated dynamics.

I don’t believe in Senators McCain, Clinton, or Obama. They are all empty suits to me. Real change starts from the bottom. In the roots. With the citizenry. And all three of them can’t solve any problems since they are well wrapped in their respective parties’ casing like a good “bad” deli hot dog. With the casings they have, they are insulated from the “real deal” (just watch CNBC for some of the real deal) in America. Will we ever stop with this old and well-worn game?

Till then: Obama/Bloomberg ’08 – Independent you silly geese!

** I have a friend who wants to see Senator Obama do the same this election season but her reason is rooted in the “Senator Clinton will do anything to win and has tarnished the Democratic Party” angle (I believe the both parties have been tarnished for a long time). She does have some interesting points that offer more meat than I just did. I will post about that at a later time. MAYBE… **

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