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Posted by on Apr 9, 2012 in Politics | 4 comments

The Truth About Government

At the most fundamental level, lack of government results inexorably in violence, force, exploitation, and brutality. In any society larger than a small handful of people, government is the only thing that allows you to have any rights at all; properly structured, Government is the only thing that allows freedom and civilization to coexist. As Edmund Burke said, the restraints upon men must be counted as among their rights.

Those who endlessly demonize government would do well to remember that.

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  • ShannonLeee

    Government allows a group of individuals to accomplish considerably more than what they possibly ever could do as single-acting individuals… both good and bad.

    Government should not be demonized, but it should be closely managed with clear oversight…which always seems to be the missing piece.

  • slamfu

    This is a great point to make. So many conservatives and libertarians seem to think that if you get rid of govt and allow everyone to do what they want you’ll have some sort of Objectivist paradise benevolently ruled by a John Galt. Instead what you get is Somalia, or the Sudan, or any other of the 3rd world hellholes where there is no infrastructure and armed bands of guys roaming the land taking what they want, and the majority of the population lives in poverty and starvation. You don’t even need to be up to speed on history to see that, just look around the world at the nations with weak central governments and see how “well” they are doing. Really makes me wonder how so many people can have such strong beliefs when there is so much evidence to show what a bad idea those beliefs are.

  • davidpsummers

    Quite true. Presence of government also results in people using it to gain control over others and take resources. That is why they call it a “necessary evil”. Unfortunately, each party only is willing to focus on one side of the coin.

  • zephyr

    “Government is the only thing that allows freedom and civilization to coexist.”

    Agreed, but if the citizens allow themselves to become indolent about their duty to be vigilant and informed, they become the dupes and victims of despots and an encroaching police state. We are seeing too many signs of this in the USA already.

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