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Posted by on Mar 11, 2018 in Free Speech, Poetry, Politics, Russia, Scandals, Sex, Women | 0 comments

The Stormy Daniels Affair in Rhyme Flair (UPDATED)

[See “Update” at bottom.]

Allegations of lurid sexual escapades by our “first porn president” have become so commonplace, so “normalized,” that, where they would have sunk any other presidency, they now merely draw a yawn from many Americans, a “you get a mulligan…a do-over” from the religious right and even a “that-a-boy!” from his core supporters.

However, the so-called Stormy Daniels affair is drawing more than just the usual “we-knew-who-we-were-voting-for” reaction.

In addition to the revolting image of a husband allegedly having sex with a porn star barely four months after the birth of his youngest child, there are several serious underlying legal implications surrounding the “affair” which are now under scrutiny.

Most of the legal implications arise from the way the $130,000 “hush money” payment was made by Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, to Stormy Daniels to buy her silence shortly before the 2016 presidential election.

There are questions about whether the payment could be legally interpreted as an in-kind donation to the Trump campaign, violating federal election laws and new “questions about whether the salacious scandal could attract the attention of Mueller’s team, which is investigating Russian meddling and related matters.”

Setting all that aside, columnists, comedians, cartoonists and satirists have had a field day dealing with a cornucopia of Trump lewd stories – many appearing here at TMV.

In addition, “political poetry” has seen a revival in the Time of Trump, much of it expressing a deep aversion to Trump’s values, culture, policies and politics.

Here is a recent one on “Was Trump Horny with Stormy” by my good friend.

Was Trump Horny with Stormy
Or was it just “Fake news” and Phony?

How could what Trump calls the fake and dishonest “enemy” Press
Accuse him of paying off a Porn Star – with election funds, no less?
How could one accuse him, of all people, a real paragon of propriety?
An evangelical Christian who led a saintly life, absent of any notoriety

He’s the President of the United States: for Pete’s sake
He’s the leader of our very morality: our reputation is at stake
The whole world looks to him to set the standards
It’s time for “his base” to defend him: to go out and wave their banners!

Was this a political ruse, designed by the lying press to confuse?
His “base” just says look at truthful headlines: to see his past is clean and fine
Ok, as a youth he might him have strayed now and then: but now he “walks the line”
A “repentant Christian man” who “sacrificed” much for the business ladder to climb

Ok, perhaps some stumbles along the way: some contractors he did not pay
Ok, bankruptcies, quit a few: plus a number of failed lines of business along the way
Ok, on wife number three: such a thing could happen to you or me
Ok, some locker room bragging: tabloid tales of women he was shagging

Who could ever possibly believe such a man, who has led such a saintly life?
Could have ever cheated on his wife?
Who could ever believe such a man could ever mislead: or stray from the truth
For heaven’s sake he was elected President by “base” supporters in the voting booth

Ok, this macho man bragged when you’re rich and famous you can get any dame easy
You can kiss them and “grab” them whenever and wherever: it’s fun and not sleazy
What was the cost to have Stormy “snuggle up”? We know it was $130,00 to shut up
Did his lawyer pay in cash from his own pocket? That may be the next case on the docket

Such loyalty and such trust: offered to Trump: who has thrown dozens under the bus!
Of course, his philandering should be between him and his wife: just some marital strife
But if campaign funds were used: plus perjury: perhaps some serious political injury
Meanwhile Trump’s staff is caught off-guard again: When will this “circus” ever end?


In a sinister move reminiscent of the Nixon administration’s attempts to block the publication of the “Pentagon Papers,” Donald Trump lawyers “are considering legal action to stop 60 Minutes from airing an interview with Stephanie Clifford, the adult film performer and director who goes by Stormy Daniels,” according to BuzzFeed News.

BuzzFeed adds:

Any litigation aimed at stopping CBS News from airing Cooper’s interview likely would be an uphill battle, given protections for press freedom against prior restraints — most famously laid out in the Pentagon Papers case in which the Supreme Court ruled that the New York Times and the Washington Post could publish, over the objections of the Nixon administration, classified documents that detailed the history of US decision-making on Vietnam.

Complicating any effort to stop the airing of Clifford’s interview would be the fact that 60 Minutes is not a party to Clifford’s 2016 settlement.

The Supreme Court has a long history of opposing efforts to stop publication in advance, ruling in 1931 that prior restraint was an inappropriate way to deal with alleged press abuses…

CBS plans to air the interview by Anderson Cooper next Sunday, March 18.

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