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Posted by on May 1, 2007 in Arts & Entertainment, Politics | 14 comments

The Stephanie Miller Show Debuts On MSNBC

This is the first 9 minutes of what was essentially a quickly-arranged on-the-air-audition as a Don Imus replacement:

What’s always refreshing about Stephanie Miller is that on her radio show she doesn’t have that perpetually angry, outraged attitude that most talk show hosts (and, alas, many of us bloggers) have. She looks at most things with a sense of bemusement and playfulness, shooting out a ton of jokes. Some work, some don’t but she gets her message across and can score solid laughs. Yes, she is partisan; but she can’t be confused with a rage-filled troll on a weblog…as many talk show hosts on the left and right can.

Here was the intro to her first show:

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