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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in At TMV | 12 comments

The Sins of General David Petraeus

I was long in awe of General David Petraeus, and the only thing that begins to mitigate how blind I was to his true character is that there are journalists with far more credibility than myself — chief among them Tom Ricks — who also were taken in and played by him like a cheap violin.

As the now disgraced CIA director returns to Capitol Hill today for more testimony on the Benghazi massacre, Michael Hastings offers a must-read titled “The Sins of General David Petraeus.”

And here’s a further thought for discussion: Was the Obama administration well aware that Petraeus was a time bomb, both because his slavish devotion to the neocon brain trust that was responsible for the Iraq War and his manifold personal failings, and figured the best place for him was heading the CIA, long a deeply dysfunctional agency that couldn’t be run further into the ground?

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