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Posted by on Jan 15, 2008 in Politics | 1 comment

The Silver State’s Debate


Dennis Kucinich got ruled out at the last minute by the courts.


MSNBC First Read:

The two-hour debate from here in Las Vegas begins at 9:00 pm ET on MSNBC, and it’s moderated by NBC’s Brian Williams, who will be joined by NBC’s Tim Russert; NBC’s Natalie Morales also will be asking questions. The debate will feature a segment we haven’t seen in a while: candidate-to-candidate questions, which could end up being quite interesting. Definitely participating are Clinton, Edwards, and Obama.



MSNBC First Read:

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THE CAUCUS BLOG (New York Times)

CNN’s Nevada Political Ticker

ABC Political Radar


Jeralyn at TalkLeft

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I’ll leave this part to Joe Gandelman!

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  • StockBoySF

    I missed the first 30 minutes of the debate. Each if the candidates got a chance to ask another candidate a question. I thought Hillary’s quesitons was absolutely brilliant- she asked Obama if he would join with her in working on legislation to keep Bush from entering into an agreement with Iraq to keep US troops in Iraq. I thought her question was brilliant because Obama has been seen as a reconciler but suddenly she steals his biggest attribute, even though he question is a no-brainer.

    John’s question I thought was solid. I didn’t think the moderators were very fair to Obama- they considered his question to be one that was part of an ongoing dialogue on stage. I think the spirit of the question was to allow each candidate a “free” question, of their own choosing. Something that wouldn’t usually be asked.

    I think the rest of the debate was good. Not great, not bad. Nothing too revelatory. I preferred the format- round table, over those lecterns in previous debates. I missed ol’ Biden and him keeping his finger on the hot button for the hot button issues.

    My favorite moment was when Hillary talked about hispanic voters voting (or not voting) for black politicians. Obama said that in his state the hispanic voters were voting for him.

    I’d rate all three candidates’ performance about the same. Though I heard some commentary that Hillary reigned, I don’t agree with that.

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