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Posted by on Sep 19, 2008 in Politics | 29 comments

‘The Savior Projection’: Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden, Bob Barr


Putting The Culture On The Couch: ‘The Savior Projection’ Onto Politicians Running For High Office

We all do it when we are first in love: idealize ‘the other,’ seeing them as both ‘the I and the Thou’… not keeping much of a personal self, but somehow merging with an over-idealized vision of beauty and perfection we project onto this other soul…

That flush of enormous feeling, in actually, upon investigation, appears to be an unrealistic image, as though from a slide projector…an image projected over the loved one, an image that contains all of one’s hopes and dreams, and yes, one’s own unrealized gifts… all this projected you might say, onto the wall, hoping someone will walk by who fits its outlines exactly….

Thus, the loved one not only shines with their own gifts, but takes on double, triple, quadruple sheen…. for they are carrying an odd optical illusion that comes from a projection of magnitude…

all this can be caused by us unconsciously dreaming ‘Wondrous Perfection’ aloud, and draping it over another person… and then,

expecting them to live up to the unlivable (for humans) divine projection.

Many a politician, by virtue of righteously appealing to our dearest just dreams during a campaign for election, rouses the sleeping dreamer, the somnambulistic idealist in many of us. This is good in one way, bringing people back to life. But also, by so doing, such a politician also has to be prepared to suddenly find him or herself engulfed by the huge archetypes of Supreme Helper, Savior, or Hope of the World.

The man becomes Mountain, thereby. The woman becomes Wonder, thereby… Or else, Demon personified, because a wholly negative projection works similarly … negative projection can be filled with the bent iron nails and broken glass of our own foibles and errors that we resist admitting…. to ourselves about ourselves… and so instead, we aim them outwardly, finding in others grave omissions, grievous commissions, and so on.

But, most often, at first, before overly-negative projections occur, come overly-positive ones. The politicians (and sometimes those who are their side-men and side-women) reach beyond simple persona into the heart of dreams people have been carrying for a long time.

This is one way politicians, thereby, inadvertently, create many portals for projection of the Divine onto themselves. It is usually not solicited, but is a side effect of rousing people’s hopes and ambitions. Yet the politician is a mere mortal. No mortal can fulfill the projection of Divinity without in some way being reduced to scrap by the trying.

To remain innately kind and steady in the midst of such flurries of projected mirror shine, can be tough… the ego can become unbalanced by being overly thrilled by the adulation, but the soul is not…. the soul insists on holding its own shape, holding steady to one’s own greater mind, despite all the shimmy-shiny that is waved before it.

In the creative life which shares at least two walls with spirit, there are challenges to hold to the soul and not sell out to ego alone or/and to what everyone else wants us to be … for them.

It’s a feat to remain compassionate and visionary when one cannot give everything that every person desires, cannot fix everything in the world that is in dire need, but one hopes to, dreams it, wants it, is dedicated lifelong to mending the world.

It’s a feat to remain visionary when everyday somewhere in the world, no matter what the best persons do to mediate, grave losses continue to pile up, even as gains are made elsewhere. It’s a feat to hold to one’s own mortal shape and do the ordinary most often and the extraordinary as often as possible, to be fair and honest about oneself, one’s view of the world… while under continual duress to transform all things.

Projection of the Savior, or Great Hope of the World, is powerful. We have seen its deleterious effects in both the great leaders and also the great dictators of the world. We can see how, in the inexperienced and naive, that all can throw a politician off their heart game… and instead, dump them into a flashy, showy inflation that is about ego alone, about ‘looking and sounding good in order to win only,’ in order to shock . shake. transmute the world in a way that will make ‘the world’ take notice.

But then, one’s life is no longer about following the difficult directives of spirit and soul… and the politician often falters then, more scornful, even rageful, irritable then, and thus more prone to not watching over the process, the acolytes, the employees, the adulants, and more prone to errors of judgment and speech.

A politician resisting profound public projection and the undertows that go with it, knows when he or she is speaking according to the vision he or she dedicatedly carries, versus allowing themselves to lose their shape and try to fit the empty but golden carapace some overly-adorational groups have fashioned for them to inhabit… again, via a stunning projection the politician can never live up to.

The odd thing is, projection of the Divine is often incremental, and the politicians who receive this glossy projection are often not aware they are trying on its gilded clothing more and more as time goes on. That is until, as it was said in ancient Greece, ‘Whom the Gods once loved, they now seek to destroy.’

Hero-making projections in our presidential elections are bound to unwind and fall into an entropy, as all ‘too shiny’ projections must.

Remember, when we are first in love and think the other has no weaknesses, no icky habits, no part of themselves that is not just love personified? But, as time goes on, we see the person full and whole… and imperfect. Maybe we are disappointed and move on, ever wanting to project ‘perfect person-hood’ onto someone, anyone… but most often that perfect someone will never be found… for it’s an archetype one is enamored with, not a flesh and blood real human being who scratches and sneezes and sings sweetly sometimes.

But, maybe instead, we say, the true gold is so valuable in this person we care for, that even though there is an appreciable amount of untransformed lead in them–and us– too, that we will still care deeply, and we will remain close, joining our quests in life to theirs.

That’s when, as they say in our culture, ‘the honeymoon is over.’ But, what is left once the projection is shattered, is what is truly real. The real gold, as well as the real ‘not-yet-golden.’ The real deal.

Then, one might say, a durable love begins, a finely tuned love of not only of delight, but also of intense devotion. Based on what is real, rather than on what has suddenly jumped up out of thin air via a fantasmagoric projection.

The more shiny a projection was to begin with, the more unrealistically divine, the more it will begin to eventually lose its luster. And we are now, I believe, seeing the webbed feet rather than the shiny-shine of various candidates as time goes on in this election cycle.

The idea is not to scorn what/ who one once was madly in projective love with, but rather to face the touching reality about all of us: There is no perfect swan. There is no soul on earth who is not human at every level. Each has bodily functions to take care of every day. Each has urges and drives and instincts and oddities, weirdnesses and wildness.

Perhaps the real wonder, given all those ticks and tocks we all carry, is that we all do as well as we do on earth. That’s the real miracle, I think.

Yet, in this home stretch of the elections, we are in the denouement at the moment, I think, given all the ankle-biting and slam-booking going on on all sides by some…. the projections are being dismantled left and right….but whatever is left after all politicians running for office are finally at rest, in private, with those they trust, those who are conscious of these matters, will throw the too tall golden crowns in the corner, only taking them out for ceremonial occasions, perhaps…

for there is hardly anything more destructive that will or can ruin a potentially great leader than nurturing a hubris within oneself, one that rises higher and higher to match the more and more unrealistic projections he or she is receiving.

To allow hubris to rise to meet projection, is doom.

But also, to continue to project Hope of the World and Savior over every potential leader, is also doom. A leader cannot fit themselves to Divine projection without destroying others…. as well as, ultimately, themselves. All suffer then. All.

In any case, whatever was golden in a politician to begin with, will not tarnish as time goes on. That remains treasure. The question however, will ever be, how inhibitory or obstructive will what is still dead gray lead in the politician’s insight, mapping abilities, endurance, and strategic chess-like thinking, continue to be an issue, when/if he or she wins control and leadership of this beautiful America and her people?

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  • jwest

    Although not squarely on topic, here’s a question in your field.

    I’m fascinated by the study of abnormal psychology and derangement syndromes. This article highlights the instability of women on the left, but I cannot find any similar stories about “hate” or “rage” on the right against Obama.

    Have you seen anything like this on the conservative side?

  • archangel

    dear jwest, i’ll reply to you later today if that’s alright; I have a seriously ill family member and am just out the door to be with her throughout her 2nd 6-hour long chemo today. I will respond to your very interesting question about derangement. An interesting, old fashioned term related to dementia. Take care til then.


  • archangel

    Ps. I should have mentioned, any other thoughts, comments left here by others too, I will also respond to later today. It’s important, as many of you know from dreaded experience, to try to keep rowing on the river whilst in the midst of heavy lifting in the boat… TMV is a part of my life I care very much about; my cobloggers and readers and commenters I’ve come to know. That’s why I say, I will be here later today. Thank you for understanding

  • jwest

    I’m sure I speak for us all in wishing your relative well.

    I look forward to your thoughts.

  • JSpencer

    jwest, you can find all the “abnormal pyschology”, “degrangement syndrome”, “hate” and “rage” you can shake a stick at merely by visiting some of the right-wing-nut blogs that are scattered across the web. But I’m sure you already knew that. I realize our current administration is a poor role model when it comes to defining “science”, but try not to confuse anecdote and opinion for anything resembling a “study”.

  • spirasol

    Though not always so, we (I) are less susceptible the older we get. After all, we’ve done this time and again, both with our politicians and with our men & women, along with a cast of cartoon figures, now discarded. Do we not learn something in the process disillusionment?

    …….and then there is the one that hears the call, and rises to meet it………I’m thinking of Ghandi, MLK, among others my tired brain won’t remember at the moment. Were these men not Giants in their time? What of Mother Theresa of “we can do no great things, only small things with great love” fame?

    There is also the one who is the recipient of the projection, who spends years denying it, fighting it, and finally succeeds on national television (Bob Dylan in his book and on 20/20 interview revealing how he never wanted to be a spokesman for anything). He just wanted to be a singer-songwriter guitar player and not a leader of anything.

    Still every election every politician is a montebank, selling his elixir. And the process of choosing in some way involves drinking the kool-aid of that candidate. I haven’t but many do…….. I have written here I will vote for Obama, though begrudgingly. He is not my hero. I can’t project on him my wishes for a grand leader. In some ways I admire him for not allowing us to do so. He says you haven’t read my books, haven’t listened to my speeches if you think my being a centrist is odd.

    Were you talking about anyone, Dr E? Won’t you name names? Has someone’s magic worn so thin that for a brief instant one sees them for the pathetic petty politician they more often are. A player with a game plan, a bridge to sell, a war to sell……………………I am so hungry for someone to appear, a man, a woman, crowned or tailed, someone with extra doses of integrity, and a heart of gold, especially, as Jesus mirrored, for the meek among us, a sense of justice and fairness. To not want that is to surrender to a much bleaker reality………….and I guess they are counting on it, the politicians, I mean.

  • jwest


    I’ve been looking, but to no avail. Could you give me a link or two?

  • JSpencer

    Very amusing. Open your eyes first, then look. 😉

  • spirasol

    I’ve been wondering about your seeming absence. Sorry to hear of your ailing friend/relative. May he/she be well.

  • spirasol

    To Jwest: But you will find that kind of out of control rage by Repubs/Neocons/conservatives directed at both Clintons in their time.

  • JSpencer

    Best of luck to you and your’s Dr. E. Keep the faith…

  • jwest


    Seriously, I haven’t seen anything like the article I linked.

    I visit a number of conservative sites each day, but I can’t remember seeing anything that could be considered “rage” or “hate”. If I’m missing something, point it out.

  • jwest


    I think you may be mistaking the conservative view back then.

    The general feeling was outrage, frustration, disbelief and disappointment. We couldn’t take the fact that the Criminal Clinton had turned into the Teflon Don.

    Clinton was a likeable person and visceral hate wasn’t a part of the right’s agenda. Sure, we wanted him in prison, but we didn’t want him to die of stomach cancer like some on the Kos site wanted for Dick Cheney.

    This form of madness is confined to the left.

  • Best wishes to you and your family Dr. E.

  • Ghostdreams

    In regard to your question (or comment) of rage, hate and instability of the left …
    You present one article from the NY Sun and are asking other people to send you links to find a conservative with such issues…
    All one needs to do is type in the words “rage hate conservative” to get a million hits from any search engine.
    Frankly, I’ve found that all I have to do in order to throw a conservative into a state of insane rage is mention the words “abortion” or “gay rights.”
    Last week I received at least five emails proclaiming to me that Obama is the anti-christ. The week before I received at least ten emails reminding me that Obama, despite what Obama himself claims as his religion (Christian) is a Muslim. The week before THAT ….but why belabour the point.
    All of the emails were from various right wing, conservative factions. ALL of them sounded crazed, enraged and ridiculous.
    If you’re looking to make one party or the other look more “unstable” …Good luck!
    Seems to me that both groups can sound seriously demented depending on the issue one is discussing, the person one is discussing it with and (most important!!) how close it is to the election (that is to say, six months before an election almost everyone sounds somewhat philosophical about the issues…six DAYS before the election it seems people will say just about anything to make their point, whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter .. just GET their lot – party into office!). 😛
    Just my two cents worth.

  • Ghostdreams

    Dear Doc E.
    I sincerely hope a speedy recovery for your loved one!
    With good thoughts,

  • archangel

    dear souls, re my family’s challenges, thank you everyone just for taking the time to pour kindness; that is truly good medicine at this time; if you are praying people, please pray for all of us; I would appreciate it. And I return the effort for you and yours, I promise.


  • spirasol


    I think you are underplaying the depth of insanity of the time Clinton was impeached. Independent prosecutors(costing millions) resulting in daily negative press coverage of every nuance of anything they could dig up. Including the effort to impeach a president for a tawdry sexual affair, which belies the underlying moral hysteria that belies the right and the reason why we all get a laugh when members of the family-oriented party are found in motels and whore houses, or simply chasing their political pages around congress.

    But as Ghost dreams points out, there is plenty of lies, duality, bigotry, pomposity, and exaggeration in both parties. The use of fear tactics to stir up our insecurities is common political play. Such as when women and minorities get into the fray, we hear the opposition stir up fears about women (which is why Hillary has to act like a man and a hawk) and minorities(I suspect that the reason that Obama wants to set the rules of the game on issues is because he knows how easy it is to set the racist bogey man loose….. so he invites the opponent to do the same.

    My 2 cents about Palin is that it is understandable why women who have fought for greater independence and autonomy would revile a woman who so poorly represents them. While she has earned the right to do so, to be her own woman, nonetheless, it is a form of betrayal to hear her spouting about anti-abortion under any conditions, forcing women to carry the rapists baby and the need for raped women to pay for their own “rape kits,” unlike the procedure for any other crime. One might be pissed that such a candidate would get so far, but when it is one of your own gender who is being promoted precisely for political reasons…….well, I’m glad to hear her fire is being reduced to embers………and the focus is back where it should be, on McBush.

  • archangel

    coming back this late at night, exhausted from hospital what? hospital science fiction? sort of, I think… I am not sure I can say as much clearly as I’d like, as my brain at the moment feels like shredded cabbage… but just this…

    I think, as a shrink who’s practiced for 38 years and seen ‘a lot of a lot,’ go by…. that everyone of us has the possibility of projecting all sorts of things on others. It’s not exactly a defect, but rather appears to me to be an almost rite of passage… as they say, ‘a learning experience’… often occurring more than once in a lifetime… and born, almost always, out of a profound need for balance, or resetting the fulcrum, or just plain hope for better, different, more heartful, more holy, more orderly world—within or out there… all the latter principles decided by each person… but

    there is also a collective consciousness we carry in groups, not just a personal consciousness that we each carry…. when we project, say positively, on another person, as a collective…. well, ideas and actions are implemented somewhat like a moraine, a land mass that pushes all before it out of the way… as it inexorably marches onward with its overly positive projection on ‘the leader.’

    Some people are saintly, or at least flawed saints… Gandhi beat his wife; MLK, father and husband had many fly by night affairs with many women; Mother Teresa … depending on one’s point of view promoted unrelenting birth control bans in a part of the world where there was not enough food/medicine to go around and infants died painful deaths…. or from some other people’s points of view, hid that she was profoundly depressed and had lost her faith on and off throughout her life while acting as though she was ship shape….

    I don’t find their great works diminished. It goes on, the flawed saints. Myself, I am grateful in a way, for their sometimes bizarre examples of ‘untogetherness,’ or ‘bent and dented’ principles… because like one of my favorite Saints, Saint Peter, who was always screwing up… it kind of gives me hope that I might have some small amount of imperishable value too… even though I am always sadly smarter only after my errors in life, rather than before.

    I’d note in regard to spirasol’s thoughts, that projections are made onto very fine persons, and also onto scoundrels and onto dictators. There is something in each that shines to begin with, regardless of how egregiously and evilly they might have become, or not… Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Bernal Diaz del Castillo, Cortez, Alvarado, Pope So and So, the King of X Kingdom, Premiere Such and Such….. all these offices and individuals, and more, were projected on hugely. Alexander the Great, Arpad of the Huns, Saddam Hussein, the same. Modern, ancient, doesnt matter.

    However, simple conceit by one who is over-adored, is different than being swept up in an archetypal projection from the masses. The archetypal appears to be suprahuman energy that passes 5 million watts through a human made for only 10 thousand watts. Eventually the projection and the inflation of the person who begins to believe what is being projected on them, meet, and for a time may be/seem glorious.

    But it is absolutely predictable that when the archetypal energy is unable to be held by a human, and thereby withdrawn, the human who was once projected on as godlike, will utterly collapse.

    I am not sure that Hitler is a good example of all this, but his progress in hubris and entering an archetypal zeitgeist is so well documented in film–he saw to that– and you literally see the crowd draping him and drenching him with an aegis far beyond his actual capacity. You also see how his hubris/ dementia led to profound suffering by masses of his own people, let alone all others.

    And you see in the end, that many German people’s archetypal projection is withdrawn… as reality of Hitler’s merely human self reached the masses. The pathetic, grasping, boorish, murderous, failed strategist. Now they no longer project on him Divinity… or protect him… they abandon him utterly…

    so much so that he perhaps, and I say advisedly, ‘perhaps’ at the last he awakens to find himself only a mere man again… given all the unspeakable things he did while ruling eaten up by a projective Me-God archetype… I believe it may have been that utterly unbearable realization “I am a mere man who has gone mad with power and thereby attempted to murder the soul of the world’ that may have given him no choice but suicide. His last act may have, in that sense, been his only act of true conscience.

    As I said, I do not know for sure, but a person who has a gift, but who takes a bad turn or an utterly wrong turn, likely cannot rise to unheard of power, without projections of the masses. Too, a good and decent person who has a gift and takes no murderous wrong turns… they too can unlikely rise to unheard of power, without projections of the masses, either.

    One of the main differences, I believe, is in how the person holds their own human shape, refusing to try to live inside an archetype which has as one of its features, perfection personified. No human is granted that. Not even holy ones.

    Now, finally here at the end dear Jwest, GhostDreams, Jspencer, Spirasol, Jilly D, and others who have mentioned hatred and demented people, et al. I think, and this is just my two cents worth, having met many people over a lifetime who are chronically hateful… I cannot tell by their dementia or their scorn of others, or their hateful way of speaking, whether they are from the right or the left. Only if I listen to who they are carrying on about as ‘the second coming of da debbil.’

    All I can say is that the projection of Savior or Demon doesnt go by party lines, it goes by personal perspective and personal life twists and turns, as far as I can tell…

    one esp who is a good soul with high ideals, but who is brokenhearted over the world and sincerely wants it to be repaired and is willing to make a huge leap of faith in a person who says they’ll make it better, fix it… but said person has been disappointed more than once… and they continue to hold to the beaux idée regardless, but sometimes…

    are so angry at those who have broken promises in the past, after a run of ‘trust me, I can fix it all, I can fix a lot of it….’ that anyone who questions their hope of the moment, regardless of who or what it is, receives all the saved-up opprobrium that has not been analyzed with reason and compassion, and the ghosts laid better… all that can jump out… in any one of us

    Politically, sometimes, some persons confuse loyalty to their highest principles… with trying to be equally loyal to one individual/ leader….even regardless of all facts to the contrary, they may continue to project surpra righteousness, supra intelligence, supra whatever else onto that leader…. when that leader, no matter how gifted, is still just an ordinary person

    That loyalty can be a beautiful relevancy; but it can also, depending on the circumstances, be one more illusion, one more disappointment in the making, if the projection of perfect Hope of the World is not withdrawn… as no human can live up to such

    I am not sure, I have been entirely cohesive here in response to you, and again I plead being bone tired. But I hope this at least gives a little food for thought.

    I’m not so interested, as you know, in which side does what, or even what sides, 2 or 10 or jillions of sides, there are… I am more interested most of the time in how and why human beings who are all born with so many gifts, use them, or get tangled in the reins… all with the idea of saying something useful about how we might tangle less, create useful works more.

    thank you for listening to my very late night thoughts.


  • JSpencer

    Dr. E. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this matter. I call it ,”this matter”, but it’s really part of the greater life experience isn’t it. We each try to make as much sense of the big picture as we can, and most of us try to lead good lives I think, but as you’ve observed, we sometimes project our idea and dreams onto others, and also project our fears and resentment. In the end each of us is a flawed human being, and realizing there are “limitations” in our capacity to understand others and the world around is is the first step toward becoming more knowledgeable about who we are and what we can do to improve our lot. This life is so many things, a challenge, a tragedy, an opportunity to feel and give love, a learning experience, a revelation, it is so amazing – how could anyone ever become complacent or bored? Even the peaceful moments can be full.

  • jwest


    What an amazingly insightful and coherent comment.

    Bookmark this, because I’m agreeing with you.

    Dr. E.

    I might need a few years to fully digest everything you put on the table. It’s a fine banquet of ideas.

  • spirasol

    What if that archetypal suprahuman energy, 5 million watts, passes through a person who was already born with the proverbial silver spoon, already felt blessed and privileged, already carried a sandwich size diagnosis of Narcissism?

    No, no– he says, I don’t have anyone in mind……….

    I have a hard time handling my occasional 2 thousand watts when someone asks if I have a book out after hearing me recite it at a poetry reading. I’m sure I would go up in smoke if something stupendous happened to me, perhaps, like winning the lottery.

  • river

    Dr. E. Really resonate with what you have written here and have spent this political season as practice in awareness— of when i am allow myself to be drawn in by the negative or positive internal projections. This year is rich with all the inner and outer dualities and the seductions and manipulations to be drawn into the splits. Dr. E, You have such a wonderful way with concepts and so enjoy reading your columns.

    This is my baby langauge of trying to practice what you have written. For me it is like a Maple leaf. I can practice residing in the deepest loam which is the vein up the middle, which i call the path of compassion through keeping centered in love with the committment to respect and honor. Or i can allow myself to face the vein to the the left and find myself shadow dancing the mirror image that is not complete within the self, that is hungry or devouring and cannot be filled from the source within. Or i can turn and put my energy toward the righteous right that is so full of themselves that nothing can be taken in and then i mirror and become the bloat. For me neither the left and the right lead to the skyward apex of the deepest loam. Kinda like the TAO symbol, we can dance in the dualities and get caught in in the all the projections and drama or we can make the decision to align instead with the circle that contains the yin/yang or light/dark dance within. This may not make sense for i am not real good with words.

    Please know that my thoughts are with you and yours and pray for healing, strength, and comfort for the journey ahead.

  • spirasol

    Once layman’s psychology, for lack of a better term, was replaced by professional psychology, and that psychology was used for selling, for manipulating ordinary people to decide or to buy one thing or another. I read somewhere that the Bush administration have spent millions hiring professional media manipulators to sell the war (Iraq & al Queda linked), the presidency, etc. and yet the truth squeeks through…….or does it? I guess it depends on the success of the manipulators on our psyche.

    I mean to say that ones issues, both conscious and unconscious, are constantly being tweaked and manipulated, sometimes favorably, sometimes unfavorably. Then there are events, seemingly innocent, or people that come into our purview that effect us deeply (Think S.Palin or Rev. Wright) and fill us with reactive fear or anger.

    The problem for me, is that it is not enough to simply be aware, though a fine goal in and of itself. Someone will win the election despite or because of lies, manipulations, projections, or out right theft. And once it is over, they seem to say, it is no longer discussable, as after the supreme court decision that brought us Pres.Bush.

    Some say, boiled down, there isn’t much difference in the modern elephant/donkey parties. Maybe we should not invest so much energy……maybe we should be led into the voting booth blindfolded or flip a coin just before going into the booth. I could then smugly sit in my pull out relaxing chair, content in my belief that I have not allowed myself to be tweaked by Rove or other professional manipulators.

  • Thanks for that.

  • ps Deepak Chopra wrote a really partisan piece about Palin/Obama & “the shadow.” I disagree with much of it.

  • Ghostdreams

    Thank you for that link to the D. Chopra piece.
    I love the way he puts his idea’s into words.
    Thanks again!

  • archangel

    i think dear Jilly, you might be reacting to his definition of shadow in the piece. Dr. C is a physician,not psychoanalytically trained. I might not know the difference between a dendrite and a dental dam myself.

    But more accurately, ‘shadow’ is not just a word for what a person doesnt like about themselves. Shadow contains gold also, e.g., the gifts, forgotten and remembered, that a person, for various reasons, chooses or unconsciously rejects or is unaware of. The issue of projection is based on projecting both… the unrealized gifts, as well as the dreck. “Shadow’ in the most elemental sense is also what gives dimension to the personality. It’s consciousness about the deeper layers of oneself that decreases projection, allowing often for far better balance, but even more so, effectiveness in the world

    and Spirisol, keep being the poet. Thank God we dont elect poets. They are, like Jilly too, just born.

    and dear River, you are good with words; you speak lyrically. It’s true, unless you’re used to it, it might seem confusing because it relies on metaphor rather than simple linear prgoression. Here, you are understood by many, I can assure you. And those not, well, we can translate.


  • I think you’re right Dr. E & I like your interpretation better. Also, I’m not sure why Chopra equates small-town values with shadowy stuff, unless he thinks that it equals ignorance.

    Continued prayers for you and your family.

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