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Posted by on May 21, 2010 in At TMV, Breaking News | 0 comments

The Rodent From The Far Right

Andrew Malcolm, the acerbic writer for the Los Angeles Times “Top Of The Ticket” segment, filed this report Friday:

First, there were the gate-crashing Salahis who got by the crack White House protocol and security forces.
Now, there’s the rat. Or vole. Or some kind of rodent, who crashed a Thursday White House event in the Rose Garden.
Prof. Obama was droning on about the joyous Senate passage of his latest galactic reform scheme, this one to straighten out the shady ways of the nefarious Wall Street money people who financed so much of his $750 million campaign war-chest in 2007-08.
Suddenly, the attacker burst out of the bushes from, wouldn’t you know, Obama’s right side.
As the thunder of countless clicking cameras competed with the oblivious president, the dubiously dangerous, if terrified creature abandoned his assault. And before anyone could recite his Miranda rights, scurried into the enfolding safety and security of nearby government bushes on the liberal Democrat’s left.

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