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Posted by on Jan 27, 2010 in Economy, Media, Politics | 5 comments

The Press Was Met

Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett met with direct resistance from David Gregory when she claimed that the president had turned the economy around:

Let’s, let’s just remember where we were a year ago, David. We were losing 700,000 jobs a month. We were in the middle of the worst economic meltdown in our nation’s history. Our financial system was on the brink of collapse. We had the largest federal deficit in our nation’s history. And what’s happened over the last 12 months? We’re no longer losing 700,000 jobs a month. We’ve cut that number by–to less than 10 percent. We’ve turned the economy around. We are moving forward in the right direction.

MR. GREGORY: You can’t say–I’m sorry.

MS. JARRETT: However, however, David…

MR. GREGORY: You can’t say you’ve turned the economy around when there are four million jobs that have been lost on the president’s watch.

MS. JARRETT: You didn’t let…

MR. GREGORY: When the debt is higher and the stimulus did not produce the jobs that the administration said it would.

It’s not often that a Sunday morning host directly contradicts a guest. Their objections usually begin with “Some might say…” or “Your critics contend…” Not this time. Gregory just delivered his opinion.

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  • Axel Edgren

    Jarrett overplayed her hand, but I doubt seriously that Gregory is as strict when it comes to right-wing claims of the apocalypse. Any reporter worth their salt should ask every right-wing banshee where all their fiscal responsibility came from all of a sudden.

    This is why I have so little respect for the American polity and the associated media – it is so damn incestuous and satisfied with itself.

    You know how once during the gulf war CNN went “LIVE” to some “LIVE” reporters in the Gulf, and they confessed they were sitting around watching CNN to find out what the heck was going on? Yeah, and the MSM – from FNC to MSNBC – hasn’t evolved since then.

    Then I remember the fact that these outlets only exist because they apparently have a market, with millions of viewers, and then I understand why so many people in the US only feel safe when they have a firearm at hand.

  • Leonidas

    Not sure that Gregory delivered a opinion here, what he gave were facts. Were 4 million jobs lost on his watch? Is the debt higher? Those aren’t really opinions.

  • Zzzzz

    The issue isn’t how bad it things have been. The issue is how much worse things would have been if the tax cuts and aid to the states giving in the stimulus hadn’t been there. The evidence suggest that things would have been MUCH worse.

  • DLS

    “Those aren’t really opinions.”

    Leftist double standard (hypocrisy) in action says they should be called “incorrect opinions” if not “corporate right-wing propaganda” or “misinformation.”

    What if the guy had asked about the vast overspending and other misdeeds of the Dems this past year, the mismanged stimulus, the deficit and debt in more detail, the bad numbers that dwarf anything about the Bush years?

    (Will Bush be stupidly blamed in such a case, and leftists say this is “fact”?)

  • DLS

    “[O]nce during the gulf war CNN went “LIVE” to some “LIVE” reporters in the Gulf, and they confessed they were sitting around watching CNN to find out what the heck was going on[.]”

    In fact, this was exploited by the Allied forces. During an early bombing mission, there were monitors who tuned televisions to the CNN broadcast, and when the signal was lost, they (the monitors) erupted into cheers, because they knew the targets had been struck.

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