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  • Elrod

    Hard to say, really, how popular Chavez is. My guess is that he’s very popular among the poor, and very unpopular among the wealthy. As for the middle? Well, they probably dislike him more than like him. Problem is: there are more poor people in Venezuela than rich.

  • Rudi

    LOL The talking head st Fox and Rightwing pundits call Chavez a Leftist dictator and claim that the people of Venezuael don’t have freedom of speech. his looks like the people have spoken.

  • On Chavez’ campaign closing in Caracas, he drew 2M. So he still outperformed Rosales by 600K.

    There are many things about Chavez you can object to. That he has been elected in free and fair elections, however, isn’t one of them.

    And I have a feeling that, come December 3, he’ll be reelected.

  • Wilky

    Having spent quite a bit of time in the country with relatives that live there, there is no middle. And your right about where his popularity falls.

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