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Posted by on Jul 30, 2006 in At TMV | 11 comments

The Passion Of Mel Gibson’s Apology

Wait…there’s MORE.

Deadline Hollywood confirms there was no “coverup” in the official report about Mel Gibson’s allegedly not-exactly-fond-of-Jews comments when he was arrested for a DUI. And Gibson has apologized.

Deadline Hollywood’s update includes this:

Gibson issued a statement today apologizing for his drunk driving arrest and saying he has battled alcoholism throughout his life. The Oscar-winning filmmaker also apologized for what he said were “despicable” “out of control” statements “that I do not believe to be true” made to the deputies who arrested him early Friday morning on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. But though his statement seems to confirm he made the anti-Semitic slurs, it does not specifically admit them or apologize for them. And that’s going to embroil him in even more controversy, I predict.

Indeed. Many of the people Gibson will have to work with in Hollywood at studios don’t have Bolivian names. What did he say? Again, Deadline Hollywood has the details. We’ll offer you a cleaned up version (go to the link for the original):

Among the allegations within’s four pages, Gibson “angrily stated” that “‘My life is f—–‘” and “became fixated on his notoriety and concern that the incident was going to be publicized.” The celebrity became “belligerent’ and “threatened” the deputy, saying “‘I’m going to f— you. You’re going to regret you ever did this to me.'” Then, Gibson “blurted out a barrage of anti-Semitic remarks about ‘F—— Jews.’ Yelled out ‘The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.’ Then asked, ‘Are you a Jew.’ Conduct concerned and frightened me to a point. I called ahead to the station requesting a sergeant meet the arrival of my patrol car in the station parking lot…”

This is a news story with significance on several fronts. Gibson remains a major player in Hollywood, someone who has been able to “go independent.” A controversy over comments such as these won’t enhance his status or the box office gross of his films. Some members of the public (and not just Jewish ones) may decide to pass the next time they see his name on a film. And since his name is associated with a film many considered to be a life-changing experience the aura surrounding his name will certainly be of some importance.

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  • two_shoes

    Recovering alcoholic has relapse and becomes paranoid with an emphasis on being oppressed by a conspiracy of Jews.

    I certianly wouldn’t want videotapes of my words when I’m shitfaced to be used as evidence of “my heart of hearts”.

    I’m not excusing Gibson’s words, but they do need to be taken in context. This is a man struggling with HIS DEMONS on a path to HIS SALVATION.

    If Gibson learns from this incident, and works to slay his “delusion of jewish oppression” demon in addition to his “alcohol” demon, then great. This is how people learn and move forward, at least the dramatic ones.

  • techson

    Screw the jesus freaks like Gibson… they sit in judgement of everyone (especially homos), then when they screw up it is nothing but excuses. Hypocrites. If you want the space to make mistakes in your own life, perhaps you should stay out of other peoples lives.

  • Kim Ritter

    I’m of the school that tends to think your real “self” comes out when normal inhibitions are relaxed through alchohol use. What Gibson is saying may sound wildly irrational and he can try and attribute the remarks to his drunken state (to assuage his guilt and repair his image), but in my view the damage has been done.

    His father is notoriously anti-semitic and there were accusations of antisemitism when Mel made “The Passion of the Christ” and incorporated his own personal beliefs about the Jews being largely to blame for the crucifixion. I didn’t believe it of him then, but I do now.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    “In vino verita (In wine the truth)”

    “The sages teach that the true essence of the individual is revealed in moments of anger, in attitudes towards money, and when inebriated ( “be’kiso, be’koso, u’ve’kaso”).” Babylonian Talmud Eruvin 65b

  • Salmenio

    Naw, the Jews never oppress anybody. Those dead Arabs just didn’t realize that the lease on their land had expired.

  • Salmenio

    Holly in Cincinnati

    Really? Well I would rather have Mel as my neighbor than your arrogant arse. At least he is not a pagan.

  • Salmenio,

    What were you thining when you posted that comment

  • Salmenio

    Michael van der Galien

    What was I thinking? I was thinking it would be a hell of a lot more fun sitting around in the back yard drinking beer with Mel bashing Jews and harming no one, than going to prison for murder the first time Holy mouthed off in one of her hate the goy routines.

  • Mel is kooky. Check him out!

  • MichaelF

    LOL.Well, at least Sal is honest about his fantasy life. Even in jest, it is pathetic for him to talk of murdering a woman based on how he perceives her comments.

    In my opinion, Salmenio has made several such attacks toward Holly which have crossed the line. In sharp contrast, Holly has retained her sense of dignity at all times .

  • MichaelF: I agree.

    Joe did a post aobut comments, editing, deleting and possibly even banning people yesterday again.
    That’s the second time that something like that has been posted and believe me: it’s not empty.

    TITLE: Mel Gibson goes insane
    BLOG NAME: Why We Worry
    According to TMZ, Mel Gibson went on a tirade after his DUI arrest on Friday. Gibson, who blew a .12 (.04 over the legal limit for blood alcohol content), went off on Jews, lamented the potential damage the DUI would cause his reputation and made an un…

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