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Posted by on Dec 5, 2015 in TMV News | 28 comments

The New Look TMV


Welcome to the new look site. Well about 75% ready but good enough for production. The major changes:

– A large slider bar with various categories and posts. The bar shows a number of featured posts per certain categories. This allows more content to get featured with a very slick graphic look (notice how the background changes with the categories). You can go to the next category by clicking the arrows at either side (or waiting for the slider to advance by itself). Content display will be refined over time.

– Below the featured slider, all posts are in various rectangles and are in chronological order top to bottom and left to right. Post view and comment counts are little weird right now due to some security changes. But comments are there (the most recent comment box to in the right sidebar shows that.

– Disqus is GONE and we are using a customized internal commenting system with many features such as subscribing. None of the Disqus comments are lost but you will have to register for a comment account is you aren’t an author. You can do this by scrolling to the very bottom of the site and looking to the right. The Subscribe to TMV box has options that will lead you to registering (you can also register using your existing Facebook account). We think you will enjoy this system much better.

– Overall readability enhancements (better fonts and sizing).

– More ad space but not intrusive.

– Content areas at the bottom of each post steering you to other posts that you may like or post that were heavily viewed.

– A social media bar at the end of each post that facilitates sharing with a number of social media sites.

– And more little odds and ends.

NOTE: We are not finished yet. There is some tweaking and other updates that need to be done. Please be patient as we iron at a few formatting issues and such (the right sidebar and header bar will be changing substantially over the next few days). But overall, the site should run faster and be more pleasant to engage. Feel free to add you comments to this post.

  • RON BEASLEY, Assistant Editor

    Thanks for your hard work Tyrone. It looks great. One question: can we use HTML in the comments and if so would it be possible to get an HTML tool bar?

    • T-STEEL, Site Administrator

      Next thing on the list. 🙂


    This is a very attractive format, and with easy functionality. Nicely done.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    Looking great! Thank you Tyrone.

  • sparrow

    This is great! I am one that often braces myself at changes because i get so use to the old… this may be the first time that i am amazed at the update… really good… thanks for all the hard work this must of taken…

  • SHAUN MULLEN, TMV Columnist

    Wow! Gorgeous.

  • SteveK

    She’s a beaut… Thanks Tyrone and all involved.

  • Shannon Lee

    Very nice 🙂

    Hmm… but now linked to my facebook account, that I rarely use.

  • Kevin Purcell

    Top Shelf!

  • T-STEEL, Site Administrator

    Thank you very much all. We now have SO much more flexibility to move things around and add features. Still doing some tweaking in the comments (need to add the HTML tool bar, etc), alot of changes coming to the left sidebar, and we are going to really get that top content slider organized. But all in all, very pleased.

    Many changes happened behind the scenes to beef up security.

  • Bob Munck

    Does TMV have a logo? I keep all my passwords as bookmarklets in a folder on a (highly-encrypted, zero-knowledge) cloud, identified by their logo. They’re alphabetical, but having a distinctive logo makes them easier to find.

    Speaking of that, some of the commenters below seem to have personal avatars, but mine looks to be stock. Any way to change my avatar?

    Re: Ron’s request for an HTML tool bar. I recommend TinyMCE. Very customizable, and when I used it for my high school 50th reunion site, all the old people (my age) with no computer skills seemed fine with it. Does HTML work now? Edit: yes.

    • SteveK

      BBCodeXtra for Firefox is a good one too. And they have a version for Chrome.

    • KP

      Bob, I used gravatar but needed to re-do after the switch.

  • Slamfu

    I’m sure a lot of hard work went into the new design, and I am clearly in the minority here, but the new look and feel is just awful. Traded a lot of steak for sizzle if you ask me. I’m sure there were a lot of back end technical issues that were addressed, but DKos just redid their site too and also fixed what wasn’t broken, at least stylistically. Why does everyone have to redo their site every few years and put in more flash, more sliding windows and tiles and things of that nature. I like me a good clean, simple site.

    Also, in the new registration system, and this is pretty important to me, did that create a Facebook account? I’d sooner register an account with NAMBLA than one with Facebook. If I am in any way directly connected to that organization by registering an account here please let me know.

    • T-STEEL, Site Administrator

      No you are not connected to Facebook. That is just an option for people who want to use their Facebook account to register. You are only connected to this site and will always be.

      Regarding the site look change, we needed to be able to offer more content in different ways to accommodate ads and other sponsorship. The old site was becoming very limited and unlike Daily Kos’, we don’t have 650k to 1 million page views a day. So more flash, and I don’t feel too much. Also Joe is very much a fan of the magazine style, which this is. This style also accommodates video and audio only posts which will be utilized.

      We still are doing work on the look and feel so we’ll get to a happy medium soon.

      • Slamfu

        Yanno it’s funny you mentioned DKos, they recently did a big style change and I don’t like that one either. I know it aesthetic stuff and it’s all subjective and therefore impossible to get “right”, but also I’m not paying the bills for the site so I’ll take what I can get. Thanks for the response. I need to go find me a text based site, gotta be a few left out there.

        Do they have an option to view the old format for old fuddy duddies like me that are resistant to change? That would be awesome 🙂

    • JSpencer

      I know where you’re coming from Slam, I usually prefer the “good clean, simple” site thing too, but give it some time, you may find you get used to it. Be like the willow… and bend. 😉

  • Rambie

    I’ll miss Disqus, but I love the new format it looks great. Can you add Tumblr as a share bar?

  • Ravariel

    I’ve noticed that, while trackpad (and, I assume, mouse) scrolling works, I cannot use the arrow keys, Home, End, Page Up or Down keys to navigate the page. I am on the most version of Chrome.

    • T-STEEL, Site Administrator

      Very strange. I’m using the most recent version of Chrome as well and those keys work. We are doing some site tweaking at the moment so that could have caused it.


    Congratulations. It’s a very nice new look to the site. You’ve done a great job.

  • JSpencer

    Very nice work! I like it! Thanks!

  • JSpencer

    Btw, Balloon Juice underwent a major site change recently too. I like this one a lot better.

  • jdledell

    Tyrone – Beautiful redesign – VERY professional looking – my sincere congratulations.

  • JSpencer

    Will there be an editing function for comments?

  • Still getting used to all this. Really looks nice. Are you going to add the up and down arrows (like/dislike) in the comments section? It helps to be able to just put a “thumbs up” on a comment that I tend to agree with (rather than needing to comment the same thing).

    • SteveK

      Thumbs up on your comment Robert.

      • Brownies girl

        Thumbs up from me too. I really liked the thumbs up option. Sometimes I don’t have anything else to add but “yup, I agree with ya” …. Also, my avatar thingy — how come I can’t change it to a photo? I’m on a mac – does that make a difference? Otherwise, the site is beautiful but it’s gonna take some getting used to. I must be getting old – change seems more and more a bummer to deal with.

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