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Posted by on Oct 31, 2013 in At TMV | 6 comments

The Never Ending Gift of Ted Cruz

I must admit I never had a lot of use for the Cuban Americans.  For the most part they represented the 1% in Cuba that held so much of the country’s wealth that a revolution was all but inevitable.  Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, is an exception – he was actually part of the revolution that overthrew Batista.  I’m not sure what changed his mind about Castro but he eventually fled the island.  For as much of a bomb thrower fire breather Ted Cruz is his father puts him to shame.

Ted Cruz’s Dad: I’d Like To See Obama Go ‘Back To Kenya’

The father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told supporters during the run-up to his son’s election that it was imperative the Tea Party retake the Senate, encouraging them to ship Obama “back to Kenya.”

Rafael Cruz, a Cuban immigrant and pastor, made the comment while speaking to the North Texas Tea Party on his son’s behalf in September 2012. Mother Jones’ David Corn surfaced video of Cruz’s remarks on Thursday.

“We have our work cut out for us. We need to send Barack Obama to Chicago, I’d like to send him back to Kenya,” Cruz said to applause.

If Ted Cruz and his father did not exist the Democrats would have been wise to create them.  Here is the video:

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  • sheknows

    after taking as much of this as I could ( 12 seconds) it was hard to know if this is a case of ” like father , like son” or the other way around. I believe the father follows the son in this case. He believe in his son and his son’s dream ( or hallucination). He watched his boy graduate from two Ivy league schools with honors and take up a lucrative law practice and marry an ambitious and attractive woman. Together they amassed millions. His chest is just bursting with pride. If Ted said the moon was purple, he would convince as many as he could to see it too.

    I hold no stock, or even resentment in what a loving father does in his child’s behalf. When he looks at Raphael, he sees a little boy who played with trucks, not a screwed up adult who thinks crazy thoughts. 🙂

  • sheknows

    ps..Raphael is Ted’s real name too btw.

  • Willwright

    I hope the old man is around talking freely and often when Ted runs in 2016, it will be worth a few million votes for those running against him. The apple didn’t fall to far from the tree here.

  • cjjack

    What this video does for me…and I was able to stomach more than a few minutes…is remind me of the terrible disappointment some right wingers must feel.

    This speech was given a few months before the 2012 election, and Cruz said that if conservatives didn’t win that election, there was a very good possibility that Barack Obama would destroy this country in the next four years.

    Well that’s what I heard back in 2008. If elected, Barack Obama would destroy this country. In short order, we’d have roving gangs of brown-shirted thugs rounding up terrified American citizens and putting them in concentration camps. The auto and bank bailouts would be used as a pretext to nationalize manufacturing and banking, leading very quickly to the implementation of socialism. The American people would not be able to fight back, because Obama was to have confiscated all the guns and implemented martial law, in effect declaring himself a dictator.

    How sad it must be for folks like Cruz to have their dreams crushed twice. First when absolutely none of that stuff happened, and again when the 2012 elections – which wouldn’t have even happened had Obama declared himself a dictator – went against the GOP.

    I’ve half a mind to go to a tea party event (if I could even find one) and play the role of a disgruntled winger demanding to know why Barack Obama has thus far failed to destroy America and send even a single person off to a FEMA camp to be reeducated as a Muslim Atheist Marxist Fascist. I’d say “dammit, I was promised an apocalypse five years ago, and all I got was this lousy health care website! I was sold a bill of goods, and now I want a refund!”

  • sheknows

    cjjack…they can smell a sane person a mile away. You would never make it halfway through your speech.

  • lilbear68

    I listened with half an ear to cruz for a while but after finding out that his wife is a VP with Goldman-Sachs and a member on the CFR im all done listening.

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