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Posted by on Oct 12, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

The Minutemen And The Border On Internet Talk Radio

The issue of the volunteer Minutemen and the U.S.-Mexico border remains a red, hot emotional topic. If you’re interested in this issue, you can listen to a detailed discussion about it tonight on a great Internet talk show:

Jim Gilchrist founder of Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, which deploys volunteers along U.S. borders to watch out for illegal immigrants and candidate for Congress will be on SUBJECT2DISCUSSION Wednesday October 12 at 7 pm PT. Listeners from across the globe can listen to the program by going to at 7 PM PT,9 PM CT and 10 PM ET and click on LISTEN and click on CAM/CHAT.

This issue needs to be brought back to the forefront and who better than the founder of Minutemen movement and patriot Jim Gilchrist to help us get the issue back on the front burner.

SUBJECT2DISCUSSION is a LIVE news and comment program that interviews bloggers and other newsmakers of note.

At http://www.LVROCKS.COM listeners can join in the lively chatroom discussion during the program.

Also the program is podcasted for those who miss the LIVE program: If you have an IPOD here is the IPOD rss url:

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