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Posted by on May 6, 2016 in Business, Law | 2 comments

The (Many) Reasons People Have Sued Starbucks

You may have heard by now that last week someone filed a lawsuit against Starbucks for, essentially, putting ice in their iced drinks. Yes, Stacy Pincus of Chicago is suing the coffee chain for $5 million, claiming that it is not delivering the advertised number of fluid ounces of beverage to their paying customers. Starbucks lists…

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  • Bob Munck

    the rest of the cup is occupied by worthless frozen water.

    There’s what Starbucks is doing wrong; they deserve to be sued. For my home cold-brewed coffee (cold home-brewed?) I have a special silicone ice cube tray that makes 2-inch cubes, in which I use the cold-brew. (Note: if you would normally dilute your coffee, dilute what you put in the ice-cube tray the same way; otherwise your drink will become significantly stronger as you drink it.) The large cubes have a high volume-to-surface area ratio, which means they melt slowly. (Ideally you should use ice spheres, but the device used to make those costs from $250 to $700 and, worse, wastes a lot of the liquid!).

    My cold-brewed coffee is to Starbucks as Starbucks is to office-coffee-left-over-the-weekend-and-reheated-…-twice.

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