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Posted by on Oct 15, 2008 in Politics | 9 comments

The Last Debate

Some thoughts about the third and final presidential debate:

  • It was a long day for me, but I don’t ever think I’ve ever been drowsy at a debate, and I was tonight. It was boring.
  • Was anyone else tired of hearing about Joe the Plumber?
  • Obama was his usual cool self. Again, it gave people the perception that he can be presidential. Whether you agree with him or not, he did have the temperament to be Commander in Chief. Doesn’t mean he would be good at it, but in politics, perception is what matters and I can perceive the guy as President.
  • McCain was better, than in past debates and had some good jabs. However, he needed to basically make Obama loose his cool and he couldn’t do that. I wish he would have laid off the whole Ayers and ACORN mess. He also didn’t look presidential. Being that I support him, I know he could do the job, but you also need some presence, and well, the good Senator doesn’t have that. Which means people won’t trust him with the job.
  • Even though I don’t agree with the guy, Obama did a better job. It’s not that McCain crashed and burned, but presentation does matter, and McCain didn’t come off as presidential and he also wasn’t able to throw Obama off his game. Good show, John, but not good enough.

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    • I agree on the “Joe the plumber” bit. It got a little old.

    • kritt11


      I can see why Obama has had such a meteoric rise to the top. He is collegial rather than confrontational and seems like he could work well with the opposition. He makes a point of finding areas of common ground and proceeding from there–and that makes him seem presidential. it also helps to defuse the image that the McCain camp is trying to convey of a lefty radical with dangerous associations– someone who is not one of us.

      McCain, OTOH, is contentious to the point that many GOP Senators did not want to support him in his run. I could see him having many showdowns with Congress and many outbursts of anger. Obama has done well in these debates because he didn’t take the bait.

    • McCain looked and sounded angry and flustered. Obama as always was smooth and fluid. Diametrically opposed in style, appearance, tone and ideas.

      John McCain, I miss the old you — watching you tonight made Dick Cheney look like a big old fuzzy teddy bear by comparison. The constant blinking, the seething anger bubbling below the surface, the tight scary grimaces. Halloween isn’t for another 2 weeks my friend. 🙁

      • RememberNovember

        My wife was saying he looked like a psychotic kewpie doll.

    • kritt11

      I feel bad for McCain- it would be his second loss– which is huge. I get the feeling he’s sick of the Senate. Now he will be remembered by many for this shameful campaign, even though, overall he is a great leader in so many other ways.

    • RememberNovember

      Yeah I got tired of the plumber cracks. And for the last frikkin time it’s “Lose”, not “Loose”

      Just imagine you Lose your Nose to a Loose Moose

    • rudi

      Remember it looks like Obama will beat the two annoitted ones, Billary and McCain. McCain’s pathology to one up his family, like W, isn’t enough to qualify him for POTUS.

    • DLS

      McCain was squirrely and clumsy and obviously on the defensive. Obama was composed and in perfectly smooth BSer form. I liked how he would smile when McCain criticized him — he and McCain started out both carefully, and this was no blowout for Obama, but obviously once things were underway, Obama was the winner. No wonder he was smiling. Confident of election now, no doubt, and Let McCain Have His Say last night, was probably the psychology with Obama. I’d smile confidently, too.

    • kritt11

      Obama made it look so easy. Here’s this other guy desperately throwing all of the spaghetti at the wall to see what will stick, and he acted like he was at a meeting of the PTA. He has some kind of poise and strength of character that we have not seen in a long while. McCain would criticize him to shake him up, and Obama would turn around and even praise him. I’ve never seen anything like it.

      I think I’m starting to understand his cross party appeal finally. He’s not just the next liberal out of the box. When you think how remarkable it is that he defeated the Clinton machine and the Republican smear machine by smiling and talking calmly.

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