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Posted by on May 9, 2014 in 2014 Elections, 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, Government, Politics | 3 comments

The GOP Circus Is Coming to Town, Again.


I seldom post excerpts of an article without adding my two-cents-worth.

This piece by the New York Times Editorial Board is one of those that needs no further comment, except that it is about the upcoming Benghazi event at “Center Ring at the Republican Circus.”

Get it, buy it, borrow it, do whatever it takes, but read it


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  • The_Ohioan

    I don’t think the Democrats’ discipline is such that they could stop a member from serving on the committee should he or she wish to. No doubt the seven Dems that voted to form this committee wouldn’t mind.

    [•Rep. Ron Barber of Arizona
    •Rep. John Barrow of Georgia
    •Rep. Patrick Murphy
    •Rep. Nick J. Rahall, II of West Virginia
    •Rep. Kyrsten Sinema
    .Rep. Collin C. Peterson of Minnesota
    .Rep. Mike McIntyre of North Carolina]h

    The conundrum is – if Dems participate, they give it legitimacy, and if they boycott it, the Reps would have no compunction about pouncing on anything the flew in over the transom (as another exciting congressional hearing participant noted – Sen. Hatch at the Justice Thomas hearing). Every conspiracy theorist still residing in the United States will want to testify. And, according to past Rep practices, be welcome.

    Clowns can be scary, very scary.

  • sheknows

    Thank you Dorian for raising my blood pressure. Better than my morning walk.

    These people are completely out of control. We already know how crazy these anti Obama zealots are, aka, the Republican party, but the real question in my mind is…what are the Democrats going to do about it? Lay down in front of the tanks again?

    We need more than passive resistance to this kind of constant attack on the administration. This unrelenting, tax dollar absorbing, black hole of logic and reason.

    Time for some vocal Democrat supporters from the house and senate to actually GO PUBLIC with some facts of their own that the people should be concerned about. Like the anti immigration mentality, or food stamp travesty, or Medicaid expansion that hurst the poor.

    Time to go public…get those rallys started and speakers hired for nationwide events. Our senators need to be in the news know…like the crazy ones are.

  • slamfu

    Lol, and what a circus it is. I’m really hoping the GOP takes it in the shorts this November, its the only thing that might convince them to get their act together and start actually governing. Absolutely pathetic that the GOP can behave this way and the Dems don’t run the tables on them.

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