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Posted by on Sep 24, 2010 in At TMV | 0 comments

The Gloves Now Coming Off in Cuomo-Paladino New York Governor’s Race

The gloves are quickly coming off in the battle to win New York’s race for Governor. Some think Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s trying to remain overtly above the fray has started to seriously hurt his poll numbers.

His GOP Tea Party movement Carl Paladino, gaining fast in at least one poll, now accuses Cuomo of using surrogates:

Meanwhile, the fact that polling ain’t art or not wise to rely upon is underscored by the fact that Cuomo was ahead by only 6 points in one respected poll but is up 33 points in another.

But it sounds as if Cuomo now is not taking things for granted: he has launched a new, aggressive campaign ad:

But..THIS JUST IN!...the always fun to read Dick Morris — the former Clinton advisor who went on to become a big name political talking head star on Fox News and author of political prognostication books that are hugely popular with conservatives who are part of the talk radio political culture– is now making a prediction in the New York Post:

New York may emerge as the epicenter of a political earthquake on Nov. 2. This longtime blue-state bystander could elect a Republican governor, dethrone House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and topple the Democratic majority in the US Senate.
Yesterday’s unveiling of the GOP “Pledge to America” recalls the “Contract with America” of 1994 — but 2010 is shaping up to be a larger upheaval.

Given some of Morris’ past predictions and how they’ve actually panned out, this means that…Andrew Cuomo can start planning his move to the Governor’s mansion.

On the other hand, if the ssue becomes Cuomo’s “nastiness,” shifting from Paladino’s pile of mile-high baggage, Cuomo could join his Dad as a former office holder who is a terrific quote machine for journalists and cable talk shows.

TIP: For really accurate predictions based on political science analysis and reflecting the contributions of a staff of analysts GO HERE.

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