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Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in Politics | 3 comments

The Fall of the Heritage Foundation


The New Republic has an interesting article on the metamorphosis of the Heritage Foundation into Heritage Action with a vestigial organ called the Heritage Foundation, focusing in large part on the part of Mike Needham. I refer to it as the fall of Heritage because when Thomas A. Saunders III, Mike Needham and Jim DeMint got through whatever claim Heritage had to the name think tank had vanished.

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  • sheknows

    Heritage Foundation has always been a conservative think tank. But back in the day, the Republicans were an actual party ,and the thinkers were better quality and the thinking less clouded by money interests and hate.

    Heritage Foundation comes on tv to sponsor a few political discussions occasionally, and I just start to laugh and turn it off. If I want overtly biased, I will watch Fox.

  • Once Jim DeMint was made president the PhD conservative academics started to leave. It went from a think tank to a stink tank. It went from a an academic center of conservative thought to a Koch brothers propaganda organ. Just another example of how far the Republican Party has descended.

  • JSpencer

    As a result of these changes, defections from Heritage, which began as a trickle about a year and a half into Needham’s tenure, have accelerated under DeMint.

    That should be encouraging. Jim DeMint is a pretty loathsome character imo, but this Mike Needham looks to be a piece of work. Traditional republicans seem to be at a loss about what to do with their young ideological crusaders. They know something is very wrong but lack the drive to make necessary corrections. In a just world this will come back to haunt them.

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