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  • It seems too bad to me when interest groups insist on all or nothing.

    If the social conservatives didn’t need to push so hard they could make significant incremental progress in making Abortion far more rare.

  • Pyst

    That was one helluva link Joe.

    I was blown away by Marv Knox, and that blog cutting through the chaff to locate logic on the matter.

    Who runs that blog btw?

  • Pyst

    Ok NM I found the name….Sam Smith. Couldn’t he have a name that doesn’t sound so generic? LOL

  • Mike P.

    The hypocrisy on display in this whole thing has been absolutely breathtaking.

    And these are people who have annointed and appointed themselves as leading “Christians.” God help them. My respect for Warren is much higher today. But as for the the rest – rock bottom is not too strong a term.

    How many Jimmy Swaggarts, Jim &Tammy-Fae Bakkers, Oral Roberts, Ted Haggards, etc. will it take before the entire mega-church house of cards implodes on itself? How shallow does American “Christian” theology have to become before reasonable people abandon it for something deeper?

  • pacatrue

    I just wanted to add that the mega-churches do fulfill a valid social role. Activities and sports for teens; childcare for children; assistance for parents with disabled children (sorry, know there’s a better term I’m blanking on); social occasions and singles meetings for adults; financial counseling; gyms and health classes; etc. Oh, and they also have this conservative social agenda which sits on top of all of this. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these churches are growing in an era of high mobility. People move to Nashville or Columbus or Dallas and they have no family support, don’t know anyone, and then they stop by this place and everything is sitting right there for them.

    I have two other thoughts on it, both of which could be controversial.

    1) It’s very socialist in many ways. You give a large chunk of your money to an organization, and they then meet a large number of your social and financial needs. One big difference is, of course, that the donations are not obligated by law.

    2) It reminds me a little of the Hezbollah / Hamas strategy, in which you have some social and political beliefs, which many of your adherents might not support in themselves, but you then also fulfill a real need for security and social support, which makes you a semi-permanent part of the community.

  • Heh – try checking into a hotel with a name like Sam Smith sometime, especially when your wife is 15 years younger than oyu are… 🙂

  • Pyst

    LOL damn good one man, and congrats on a good blog.

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