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  • StockBoySF

    What a bunch of unpatriotic loonies. Many conservatives are actually celebrating the fact that we (Americans) lost the Olympics, the most prestigious sporting event in the world, to a foreign country. They will stoop that low to score a victory “against” Obama.

    Whatever happened to good old fashioned patriotism where one could be proud of the USA and the achievements of its citizens regardless of who was president?

  • pacatrue

    It’s disgraceful. If they didn’t want the Olympics for cost reasons, no prob, but clearly it’s actually about the fact that their hatred of Obama is greater than their affection for their own country.

  • Kastanj

    I think we should remind those people that even if Obama’s campaigning didn’t work out this time, his campaigning worked last time around.

    In the presidential election. Where he and Joe Biden won. And McCain and Palin lost. In which he were given four years at the helm and denied McCain that chance. You know, the election victory that prevented McCain from doing the things those people really really wanted. But instead Obama won. And McCain *lost*.

    Actually, no need to remind them – that fulgurating event was so painful for them it is imprinted on their tiny brains. Obama won, even though they hated him and called him a “socialist” over and over. Hating Obama is personal for them – what he tries to accomplish is completely irrelevant.

  • DLS

    Even in Chicago, the traders applauded. There’s nothing wrong with applause at what started out as pathetic (Blue Nation trying to recapture long-lost glory, an inferiority complex, even) and became, with the stooping so low of the President, sordid. Let the children whine about the normal response (which isn’t limited to partisan or ideological opposition), or the mentally incompetent be dumbfounded.

    • ksb43

      Yeah, whatever. If the President hadn’t gone, you would be criticizing him for that. Or for something else.

      Your posts are becoming increasingly unpleasant and hostile. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I’m starting to think you have some real issues. There’s no discussion that can be had with someone who thinks that people who disagree with them are “children” or “mentally incompetent”.

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