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Posted by on Nov 22, 2008 in Economy, Politics | 1 comment

The Coming of a Can-Do Government

In the wreckage of this week’s news, it’s encouraging to watch the Obama Administration taking shape with an emphasis on extreme competence (no heck-of-a-job Brownie in the lot).

Today’s New York Times describes it as “tilting toward the center, inviting a clash of ideas,” but the left-right analysis seems less to the point than the question of getting things done as transition team members “believe that the new administration will have no time for a learning curve.”

Starting with the choice of Rahm Emanuel, a can-do guy if there ever was one, the new President clearly intends to surround himself with brains and real-world experience rather than like-mindedness and loyalty.

That was reflected in the leak yesterday about the new Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, a pragmatist with deep experience, whose choice sent the stock market into euphoria.

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  • superdestroyer

    Obama has already has his Brownie moment when his staff leaked the idea that he would appoint the head of the Chicago public schools as the Sec. of Education. Appointing someone who comes from a system with a doucmented history of failure is a more than a Brownie moment.

    Of course, since none of the leadership of the Democratic Party send their children to public schools, I guess it makes sense to pander to the teachers unions instead of working to improve educational performance.

    As the U.S. becomes a non-white nation, the only way to maintain the current and increase welfare state is to make blacks and Hispanics as productives as whites. Depending on inner city schools and the teachers unions to accomplish this means failure in the future.

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