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Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in Crime, Disasters, Featured | 7 comments

The Boston Massacre: Bless Those Who Run Toward

the blessedboston massacreAnd it is a massacre, of the photos I’ve seen. A massacre. This photo and the second one, are two of the least horrible, though blood is everywhere. Other photos are just unseeable… through tears. I wont even run the photos of the other injured children. Scrapnel [and bomb percussion] not only penetrates heads and hearts, it break bones, shatters bones, severs limbs. Neither will I put up sound files, the terror in the thousands of people in the midst of the explosions is so shrill and so sustained in cries and screams it rips your heart out.

So too in blessing at this massacre, there are the helpers. The blessed helpers.

Ever bless those who run toward those injured and dying,as those who must in fear of their lives, run away.

Bless those who run toward.

It is a day for running

running of many kinds

May all be helped and may people via cell and internet and face-to-face, find their missing loved ones as soon as possible.

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