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Posted by on Dec 15, 2010 in War | 0 comments

The Afghanistan Quagmire

Saint Petraeus and the Obama Administration say things are looking up in Afghanistan the intelligence community says it’s not.  Derrick Crowe and Robert Greenwald have a must read post over at Newshoggers that gives us a reality check.  Here is a teaser:

Let’s take a look at just the very broad strokes of the information. After more than nine years and a full year of a massive escalation policy:

And yet, we are told we can expect a report touting security gains and “progress,” and that there’s virtually zero chance of any significant policy change from this review. It sort of begs the question: just what level of catastrophe in Afghanistan would signal that we need a change in direction?

Go read the entire post.

Afghanistan – the graveyard of empires!

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