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  • Holly in Cincinnati

    I have some reference material posted at Julien’s List Resource Page.

  • Mike Heinz

    What I always found amusing is that the “Shall nots” aren’t numbered and aren’t in any kind of straight forward list.

    The most obvious proof of this is to ask a Catholic and a Protestant to list the 10 commandments – you’ll get two different lists – The protestant version has two commandments at the beginning that the catholics combine into one, while the catholics have two commandments at the end (covet the neighbor’s wife, covet thy neighbor’s property) that the protestants combine into one.

    Having been both, this causes me occasional confusion when someone says “so and so broke the 5 commandment” and I’m thinking he killed someone when they only meant they heard him talking back to his mom.

  • Chippedchips

    The 10 Commandments Can Be Posted In Georgia
    by Joe Gandelman
    …but are there 10 or 20?

    What difference does it make Joe? Nobody in Georgia can read above 2nd grade level anyway.

    (Intended deep south slur..sue me.)

  • They just aren’t the commandments without the “no boiling a kid in its mother’s milk.” Stick that in your courtrooms.

  • John Carter

    Whenever I hear of someone wanting to post the 10 commandments in govermental buildings, I want to say “Fine. Which one?”

    There are at least three that I have heard of; the two mentioned in the comment above (Protestant and Catholic) but there are also the Hebrew 10 commandments. And if you are a Christian, shouldn’t you only post the two commandments that Jesus said were the most important, love God and love your neighbor, as these are the basis for all the other commandments (and I don’t think “love your neighbor” actually is one of any of the different versions of the 10 commandments).

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