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Posted by on Aug 2, 2008 in Politics | 26 comments

That There’s a BLACK DUDE!


Last time I checked, a black dude is trying to become the President of the United States of America. And if my memory serves me well, that black dude is married to a black gal. Just like the picture above! Wow. That there’s a black dude!

Looky there. I mean they’re a smart looking black couple, eh? She’s very pretty with a nice dress on and the black dude looks right spiffy in his black suit…

What’s that honey? (Wife talking to me…)

GOODNESS GRACIOUS ON A STICK! They have two black kids! Black + Black = Black! Wondrous…..

What’s that babe? (Wife talking to me again…)

Well yes I know he’s running against a white dude. Him and his wife are in the picture below (sheesh):


Very handsome white couple there. So what’s all this ruckus about who said they were black but not really said it but because he said he was black (maybe said it and looks black to boot) and said he may be called scary by someone who said that your a race card or throwing race cards (gosh darn it), playing race cards but we all know he’s a black dude and he’s running against a white dude, that happens to be an older white dude (can I say “older”?), but nevertheless is a white dude and everyone is upset that black and white is being talked about when it’s obvious we all don’t look the same, or eat the same, or smile the same, etc?

I absolutely need the Absolut now…

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