Texas Gov. Rick Perry has thown his big hat into the Republican Presidential nomination race. Here’s his announcement — no analysis. You watch. You decide. And you can leave your impressions in comments:

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • Allen

    Well, he is a liar blaming President Obama for President Bush’s debt.

    Rather shameful using dead soldiers on the campaign platform for his nomination.

    Clearly he is even more wacko than George Bush and a Liar before God.

  • JSpencer

    He acts too much like GWB for my taste. In addition to Allens comment, I have to wonder about his appeal to social conservatives. Specifically, is he truly a follower of Christianity or does that facet of his image exist primarily to exploit those who are? For example, GWB professed to be a Christian but given all the blood on his hands we now know he was Christion in name only (which seems to be enough for some people). Frankly I wish candidates would leave their religion/superstition at home when they go out on the campaign trail – and especially out of the rational decision making that takes place in the Oval office. In any case, I have no doubt Perry will appeal to all the folks who didn’t learn a thing from the last administration, I just hope those folks don’t make up the majority of voters.

  • EEllis

    It was a good speach but it may have been a bit to tailored for SC and the southern republican. We’ll see how he does later in the campaign when things are less scripted

  • DLS

    Iowa — will Perry praise or decry ethanol subsidies and ethanol as part of energy policy?

    New Hampshire — can he do as well there as he might in Iowa?

  • Daniel Baker

    Of the three front-runners, Perry was the only one I hadn’t made up my mind about.

    Made up my mind by the 5:26 mark on this video. I’d rather vote for a mangy mule than this guy. Someone who cruises the world and from the cockpit of his C-130 figures out that that only Americans love life and freedom? George W. Bush was smarter than that. Bush at least knew that other people wanted life and freedom too, even if he wasn’t smart enough to figure out that he couldn’t deliver it at gunpoint.