Terrorism: Win-Win for Republicans

This trenchant observation from Steve Benen is worth quoting without comment:

Republican pollster Neil Newhouse said the attempted attack on Christmas is “a black eye” for the administration. It takes about three seconds of actual thought to realize how absurd this is. Was 9/11 “a black eye” for Bush/Cheney? How about the anthrax attacks? Or Richard Reid? Or the attacks against U.S. allies around the world? And the terrorist attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

If I didn’t know better, I might think terrorists trying to kill Americans under a Republican administration is good news for the GOP, while terrorists trying to kill Americans under a Democratic administration is also good news for the GOP. When terrorists try to kill Americans under a Republican administration, it’s Democrats’ responsibility to help bring the country together against a common foe. When terrorists try to kill Americans under a Democratic administration, it’s Republicans’ responsibility to attack the White House, undermine American confidence, and create a climate of fear and division.


  1. Andy says:

    Why should anyone assume the American people will buy into this GoP line of argument? And I seem to remember that Dems frequently asserted that GoP policies under Bush were not keeping the country any safer – quite the opposite in fact….

  2. JSpencer says:

    it’s Republicans’ responsibility to attack the White House, undermine American confidence, and create a climate of fear and division.

    Fear and division seem to be the adopted theme of the GOP anymore, and sadly it’s not a new one for them. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, as I’d be genuinely interested in seeing actual living examples of republican vision for progress as we head into 2010. Ideas? Desire for national unity? Anything?

    • dduck12 says:

      They are on the defensive now, though they should not be, but they are. Hard to hit back or come up with good stuff this way. However, IMO, some on this forum wouldn’t give them much credit if they did. Doesn’t mean I agree with them, I think both parties are in war mode now.

  3. sortaRepublican says:

    As much as I hate Bush, I must admit we were blind-sided by Islamia on 9/11. Obama’s failure to toughen up security is inexcusable, even after Bush’s 8-year incompetence on security.

    But Obama doesn’t see a terrorist threat in the first place. He sees disturbed non-whites who need counseling. What else do you expect from a Chicago Professor?

  4. DaMav says:
  5. JeffersonDavis says:

    What liberal juggernaut, Steve Benin, fails to observe is reaction to terrorism.

    After a terrorist attack under Clinton, we lobbed a few cruise missles into terrorist camps and used cold-war era diplomacy tactics on an enemy we didn’t understand.

    After a terrorist attack under Bush, we totally anihilated nations that harbored terrorists or had terrorist training camps – we took the war to the enemy that we STILL didn’t understand and altered old cold-war era policies in diplomacy.

    After a terrorist attack under Obama, well…. we’ll just have to wait and see what his response is.

    For NOW, he should not be criticized. Give him a chance to react, or not.

  6. spirasol says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, SECURITY, no matter the cost, the loss of life, or shrinking freedoms. War, torture, habeas corpus, bill of rights, private hidden prisons, no matter the cost to them, to us, to humanity, and of coarse the profiteers of all the above. Since the government is a corporatocracy, Everthing is in the national interest, from natural resources (other peoples), to the war industry, to coffin-making. There are a few decent members of congress from both sides of the aisle, the rest, elephant and donkey, have given away their private phone numbers to lobbyists.

  7. casualobserver says:

    “Vote Liberal. It’s simply the only way to end this corruption.”

    Former Dem. Rep. William Jefferson was sentenced Friday to serve 13 years in prison for what the lead prosecutor described as “the most extensive and pervasive pattern of corruption in the history of Congress.”While the sentence by federal Judge T.S. Ellis III fell well short of the 27 to 33 years recommended by the government, it is by the far the stiffest jail term ever imposed on a member or former member of Congress for crimes committed while in office. Jefferson, 62, was found guilty Aug. 6 on 11 charges, including soliciting bribes, depriving citizens of honest service, money laundering and using his office as a racketeering enterprise.

  8. adesnik says:

    Leaving aside the merits of Dem or GOP policies, events like the Christmas Day attack tend to favor the GOP because Obama has emphasized engagement while the GOP has attacked him as soft.

    Of course, Obama is just as determined as Bush was to stop attacks on the US. But image and attitude count for a lot.

    Why, Steve asks, was 9/11 “good” for the GOP? I think that’s pretty obvious. Those attacks were beyond the imagination of the American public. But a guy on a plane with a bomb is exactly what we now know to watch out for.

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