Some teens got in cited for “disorderly conduct” for “rapping” their order at a McDonald’s. Details:

So you can get in trouble rapping your order at McDonalds (because the person to whom you’re rapping may feel their life is at risk — but if it’s rap, isn’t it that their EARS are at risk?)..and you can order a wrap at Subway.

It sounds like the teens got a bum…rap.

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • JeffersonDavis

    If they merely rapped their order, that’s one thing. But if they “gangsta” rapped their order (complete with “gonna take my nine and bust a cap in yo’ a**”) then they deserved the charge.

    My personal opinion…. They were just being kids…. Slap them on the wrist and drop the charges.

  • JSpencer

    Maybe they were rapping their order too rap-idly or just didn’t have good rap-port with their ordertaker.

    Really, this is just silly. People need to calm down and get a grip. What if they’d sung their order?

  • tidbits

    Freedom of speech. Ah, what a wistful and arcane concept. Perhaps they should be charged with a hate crime as well to enhance their sentences.

    Will I be next to be arrested for what I say or how I say it?…….or will it be you?

    If you disagree with this comment, I’m calling the cops.

  • shannonlee

    Ronald McDonald hates black people.

  • DLS

    Next time, be civilized.

    Of course, that’s not PC. Instead, what will be whined about next will be dress codes at malls or “NO COLORS” signs outside bars, et cetera.

    • tidbits


      You said, “Next time, be civilized.”

      May I have your permission to use that quote next time you go on one of your rants and suggest that anyone who disagrees with you is, well, pick your insult? 🙂

  • rudi

    Next time, be civilized.

    Which civilization, the white bread WASP Buchanan or the true melting pot?

  • ProfElwood

    I dis’ all you who are dissing others!

  • $199537

    Seeing as how my local McDonalds has trouble with orders like “one medium coffee”, I can’t imagine trusting them to get a rap order correct.

  • DLS

    I aim my “guns” correctly, despite, ahem, incorrect claims and protests to the contrary.

    ” the true melting pot?”

    With correct English, and decent, normal behavior, optional (as some treat, say, traffic control devices)?

  • DLS

    “my local McDonalds has trouble with orders like ‘one medium coffee'”

    Just wait another 5-10 years. What do businesses do now with phone systems? They have replaced humans (of varying levels of competence and intelligence, typically within the marginal to negligeable zone, that were fulfilling roles that have “evolved” to become largely bureaucratic) with voice recognition systems that fradulently advertise themselves as human (“I”) and even include dumbed-down language to better communicate with dumbed-down callers: “I don’t get [sic; understand] that.”

    McD’s already has a pre-recorded greeting and sales suggestion (irritating!). How long will it be before it replaces employees with a voice recognition system and drive-by pay station (like the ones you’ll also see inside fast-food restaurant buildings, similar to self-checkout stations in grocery stores already, but with order-taking push buttons (possibly with pictures on them rather than text) once the voice recognition system is tried but often the result when people speak to it is, “Sorry, I didn’t get [sic] that.”

    (The cynical, jaded, real-world-example-motivated answer is, about 5-10 more years.)