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Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in Crime, Law, Media, Politics | 10 comments

Talk Show Host Alex Jones on CNN Piers Morgan’s Show: Was Jones “an Argument for Gun Control”?

And now it’s the stuff of instant media legend. And — it’s not hard to predict — lots of $$$ for talk show host Alex Jones. Jones, who has led the petition drive to deport Piers Morgan for his strong anti-gun control stance, was on Morgan’s show. And the sparks did fly.

Prediction: even though comedians may mock it, even though moderates, liberals and centrists may feel Jones seemed like a living SNL character, Jones will eventually become quite rich because in American notoriety and loudness sell. Jone’s ratings will soar. He’ll get more stations, offers for speaking engagements (with a nice fee) and maybe even his own spot in coming years on Fox News. A (conservative) media star is born.

But perhaps I’m wrong. Meanwhile, Morgan argues that the Jones was a good argument for gun control. Why not watch it for yourself and judge for yourself:

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  • BobSaRo

    Although Piers Morgan can sometime be rude, I strongly support his right to express them and his agree with his opinion on sane gun control. My wife and I put up this petition at the White House web site and would much appreciate your signing it:


  • SteveK

    Well, I made it to the commercial break… Then hit ‘pause.’

    Alex Jones is the perfect ‘poster-boy’ for the middle American’s that feel threatened on this issue.

    Highly emotional, non-stop high volume rant and a refusal to listen to anything or anyone on the topic. When facts are pointed out to him he simply talks over them and refuses to acknowledge their existence and bearing on the problem.

    Going to try to watch the rest now…

  • SteveK

    Well, it was worth forcing myself to watch the rest.

    Alex Jones never once answered a question until the end where he acknowledged that he believes the United States Government was responsible for 9/11 and that put all his previous paranoid raving in perspective.

    Some might think that this 14 minute rant would be reason enough to prohibit Mr. Jones the right to own weapons… On grounds of mental stability. (I tried to type that with a British accent but I’m not very good at that. 🙂 )

  • rudi

    Alex Jones is part of the fringe libertarian movement in Texas. Just go to his radio network and check into some of the hosts. They’re big on wheat-grass, bunkers and the New World Order. Most of GCN make Glenn Beck and Fox look moderate…

    Here are some real crazies:

  • slamfu

    Why are there so many Americans like Alex Jones? Where does the paranoia come from? People like him should be less common. Do they have them in such numbers in other nations? They are like children.

  • Jim Satterfield

    Jones was also a big supporter of Ron Paul, having him as a guest a number of times. Rand Paul has also been a guest. I do believe I’ve heard of other GOP office holders who have appeared on his show.

  • The_Ohioan

    I didn’t want to watch this, having listened to Mr. Jones on the radio, because I don’t like watching violent films. 🙂

    On the radio, he’s even more rabid, if you can believe that.

  • cjjack

    If I remember correctly, about 10 years ago Jones was arguing that the US government had pulled off 9/11 in an attempt to usurp power and make George W. Bush President for Life. We’d all be rounded up into camps, stamped with microchips, and become serfs under the massive Globalist conspiracy to rule the world.

    Prior to that – and before the internet really took off – I recall reading about how there was a sinister conspiracy to make Bill Clinton President for Life, and how we were going to be rounded up into camps, stamped with the Mark of the Best, etc.

    George H. W. Bush – or as we knew him back then – George Bush, was supposedly going to turn the country over to the United Nations, as evidenced by his frequent use of the term “New World Order.” Black helicopters, we were told, were hovering just around the corner.

    Watching this latest rant by Jones (and the sequel he posted to You Tube), I can’t help but wonder if the sinister Globalist conspiracy referenced in all of these scenarios might be quite possibly the most incompetent outfit ever.

    I mean, they’ve had decades supposedly in charge of media, banking, government at all levels, the UN, the Council on Foreign Relations, Hollywood, and whatever agency puts fluoride in our water, and yet they still cannot even silence one paranoid radio host, let alone take over the world.

  • sheknows

    Steve, you hit the nail on the head. I would almost guarantee he could never take a psychological profile without showing paranoia and delusional fantasies.
    Great spokesman for the NRA.
    like Slamfu, I wonder just where all these people derailed from rational thinking, and why is it so pervasive? They are sick…and they own guns…and how is it we are unable to do anything about that?

  • zephyr

    Non-PC shorthand for common sense reality types: Jones is a nutcase. Would anyone want that guy in their living room?

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