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Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in Crime, Law, Media, Politics | 10 comments

Talk Show Host Alex Jones on CNN Piers Morgan’s Show: Was Jones “an Argument for Gun Control”?

And now it’s the stuff of instant media legend. And — it’s not hard to predict — lots of $$$ for talk show host Alex Jones. Jones, who has led the petition drive to deport Piers Morgan for his strong anti-gun control stance, was on Morgan’s show. And the sparks did fly.

Prediction: even though comedians may mock it, even though moderates, liberals and centrists may feel Jones seemed like a living SNL character, Jones will eventually become quite rich because in American notoriety and loudness sell. Jone’s ratings will soar. He’ll get more stations, offers for speaking engagements (with a nice fee) and maybe even his own spot in coming years on Fox News. A (conservative) media star is born.

But perhaps I’m wrong. Meanwhile, Morgan argues that the Jones was a good argument for gun control. Why not watch it for yourself and judge for yourself:

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