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Posted by on Oct 15, 2015 in At TMV | 5 comments

It Takes One to Know One

House conservative David Brooks eviscerates his party in The New York Times.

The House Republican caucus is close to ungovernable these days. How did this situation come about?


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  • Rambie

    Oh gee, Mr Bush apologist finally states the obvious. Well, welcome to the party Mr Brooks, better late than never I suppose.

  • SteveK

    Ballard thank you for front paging the David Brooks column. Imo it’s a very important indicator of a major shift in how Republicans and the right see themselves and those claiming to represent them.

    And it’s quite a rebut to the ‘Freedom Caucus’ who have been claiming that they are the ‘real Republicans’ and the ‘real conservatives.’

    Members and supporters of the ‘Freedom Caucus’ are the ‘RINO’s.’
    And ‘Radical / Far Right’ is not something ‘real’ conservatives abide… Good grief they’re conservatives and ‘radical’ anything is anathema to their beliefs.

    “Real” conservatives, like most the rest of us, leave radical / far anything (right or left) to the wing-nuts.

  • JSpencer

    Yes, David Brooks has engaged in much rationalizing and apologism for his party during his career, but he’s usually been civil (and probably sincere) about it. Maybe his party has embarrassed him one too many times. If he was a congressman they would have thrown him under the bus long ago. I’m not really sure how the GOP views him at this point, but whether they realize it or not, they owe him a debt. I hope his eyes are finally open wide.

    • dduck12

      Maybe he is a moderate.

    • SteveK

      I’m not really sure how the GOP views him at this point

      I’m not sure how the GOP views him (or even who’s running the GOP today) but it seems that the current conciseness among ‘right wing commenters’ around the web it that he is not and has never been a conservative.

      From the comments section to this column

      Brooks is the centourian of the old leftist guard of which most Americans have had completely enough. November 2016 will be the cardinal turning point. Cannot wait!

      Your just going to have to nurse your disappointment, that Rush Limbaugh, has changed America (for the better, BTW) and you have as much influence as a mouses squeal during a gale.

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