[popoiuhouyTake a Peek at…The Fool Report, which criticizes Matt Drudge. Drudge is the success story for aspiring news website entrepreneurs: he has created a site that gets him millions of hits and has made him very rich. He also sets the news cycle since many conservative blogs and news organizations will do stories and posts based on his links and headlines. But Drudge also has a clear “slant” (during GOP primaries and campaign many noted he seemed unabashedly for Mitt Romney). And then there are his inside story original reporting pieces, some of which have proven in the end to be fact-challenged (which is why this site will no longer report on them until we see the mainstream media is reporting on one of his now-it-can-be-told tidbits as well).

The Fool Report takes a page of Drudge then makes some comments on it and is highly critical of Drudge. It says “Holding Mr. Drudge accountable since 2013.” In one sense, it is to Matt Drudge what Media Matters is to conservative talk radio and cable shows. It’s quite interesting.

So Take a Peek at The Fool Report — and we bet you’ll be going there often to take many peeks.

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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