Take a Peek at Andrew Sullivan’s relocated blog. It’s no secret that many writers at TMV are huge fans of his site, visit him often, and have linked to him through the years. He describes the new features HERE.

Last month the always-independent Sullivan again showed his independence by leaving his plum spot on the lively and content-packed website The Daily Beast to set up a site so independent that it isn’t taking ads but will rely on subscriptions. He garned more than $500,000 in paid subscriptions in short time. And Forbes notes that it has a “super friendly paywall.”

(On a more local note, TMV does rely on ads and we have re-launched our fundraiser with a goal of $9,000 or more and have so far raised $1910 to try and take TMV to the next level, which is a challenge if you have a smaller readership– and no big corporate donation or corporate or ideological group bankrolling. But all readers can indeed use the DONATE button under our posts. And some do!)

Take a Peek at Andrew Sullivan’s relocated The Dish blog and we’re sure you’ll want to (pay to) take another peek!

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • The_Ohioan

    I’m glad he’s jettisoned The Beast. No loss there. His link to the abortion discussion is very much worth reading, no matter where you stand on the subject. Real people discussing real situations and no ideology in sight. Terriffic!