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Posted by on Nov 10, 2016 in 2016 Presidential Election, Inspiration and Living, Muslims, Religion, United States | 7 comments

In support of the Trump supporters

Shaking hands  people

I was not for, or a fan of Donald Trump. However, working in rural southern Wisconsin, the typical Trump country, I live, work and play with a lot of typical Trump supporters. They are my colleagues, my patients, my neighbors, hunting buddies and all. This election season challenged us all in many ways. Many a time we would have discussions on the rhetoric and other hot-button topics, always with civility and often finding a lighter comical side to the situation.

The one thing I can vouch for is that the overwhelming majority of these
Trump supporters are not racists or bigots. Calling them such is akin to calling all Muslims terrorists. Actually, it is the opposite. Many of them are some of the best people I have ever met. They are decent and hardworking. I can also see where they are coming from. While many of us rode the American dream, many of them feel left behind. Like many of us, they are sick and tired of a Washington which is not working together or to the best of its ability. And they have spoken out not with an indecent revolt but by the power of their vote as such happens in strong republics, something which America proudly is. All kudos to them. The voice of their vote needs to be heard and respected.

I do not know how the Trump presidency is going to play out. What I know is that America of today is that big old freight train pulling only with half of its engine power. In staying divided, we under achieve our true potential, in so many things we do even when the desire to do good is there in the first place. Affordable care act is one such example where a well-intended law needs to improve with not one but both parties coming to the party. I must also add here that trying to repeal or replace this law would be a huge mess which would further divide the ranks when a bipartisan effort to improve upon it could be a much better option.

It often appears that as political rivals, we are wanting and waiting on the other side to fail just to feel good and prove our point, not realizing that we are all sitting on that same one thick branch. Swim or sink, we are in this together. We need not be the best of the best friends as long as we aim to be the best fellow citizens, the best fellow Americans. Many of these Trump supporters I know have done exactly that for years. Now it is our turn.

Trump was not my choice for President, but I shall do everything in my power to bridge this divide because that I believe is the right thing to do and by not doing just that is exactly how our enemies would like us to remain.

Your move Mr. Trump.

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  • The Ohioan

    Your colleagues, et al may be all you say. It’s not like there was no one else to choose to address their complaints. They didn’t have to choose the worst candidate in American history (not only my description, but historians as well). Just sayin’.

  • Shannon Lee

    Ahh… but they tolerate racism, sexism, hatred and fear mongering…. in the same way that Muslims tolerate radical elements in their mosques.

    I keep those kinds of people out of my life. Maybe this author has spent so much time around it that he has become numb to it.

    • Shannon Lee

      and I would also like to add….

      Trump supporters cannot logically ask Muslims to do something about extremism in their culture because Trump supporters have voted for an extremist bigot for POTUS. Trump supporters tolerate hate in the exact same way.

  • rudi

    Off topic, but pertinent. When heroin and crack killed many in inner cities, it was those PEOPLES problem and weakness. Opioids are killing the Trump supporters at an alarming rate, it’s now Americas problem. More people have died from OD than in Iraq over the same time period. Lock(her) them up.

    • rudi

      Yearly more people OD than the total in Iraq. Two or three years add up to DIA in Vietnam. We’ve lost every war since WWII.

    • Shannon Lee

      It is a massive problem that is only going to get worse due to reduced regulation. America is going to turn into the wild wild west…anything goes baby, get yours because I am going to get mine! (unless you are a woman of course)

  • Kenneth Almquist

    “Like many of us, they are sick and tired of a Washington which is not working together or to the best of its ability.”

    I’m guessing their votes have helped elect people who feel otherwise to Congress. Wisconsin re-elected Ron Johnson, who doesn’t think that the Senate should even consider Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Did any of the Trump supporters you know vote against him?

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