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  • Pyst

    I think this article should be re-printed, and featured in every paper in my home state (Ala.) tomorrow, with the date it was written to add some clarity.

    I have to suffer the “modern” fools of religious “thought” around here all the time.

    Thats why I proudly display a Flying Spghetti Monster emblem on the back windsheild of my truck just for the fish people.


  • Chippedchips

    I like the 1st Amendment to the Constitution,

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting free exersise of,…”

    Though unsaid, it does not say anywhere in our Constitution that Congress has the right to make law, or force upon, a citizen, or citizens, to be involved in a church or religion. But the Congress did at some time, I know not when, made enough federal law to be a little frightening, and have “church” listed and defined in Black’s Law Dictionary.

    Look at Jolly old England, primarily christian protestant, and Ireland, primarily Catholic, and their 400+ year fight over religion; not fighting about christianity, just religion.

    If the bible beating religious extremist right wing who refuse to leave well enough alone and their noses out of everyone’s busiess, keeps their crap up, and as anger starts to boil over, I can see war breaking out between different religions and/or churches, and/or religious fanatics making war on others having no religion, right here in our own country.

    There is good prophesy even in the Christian Bibles. Prophesy the in it for the bucks and power Pat Robertson types and their followers now influencing our politics and government leaders ought to adhere to.

    There is one passage in particular in the New Testement spoken by Jesus that applies:

    “A church is where b>two or more people gather to worship;”

    not an organized religious church congregation in a town, not a power seeking national religious organization, no crystal cathederals, no stained glass brick buildings required, just a place where two, or more, people gather to worship.

    The Earth itself is my wife’s and my church and its noone’s damned business to what, whom, or if at all, how we worship. So once again I invoke Caveat Venditor.

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