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Posted by on Oct 23, 2015 in 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, Arts & Entertainment, Humor, Politics, Satire | 3 comments

Stephen Colbert, Larry David, and Bill Maher On Bernie Sanders & The Democratic Race

Larry David Bernie Sanders

With all the tedium of the Benghazi hearings, we can use something more amusing. Here is how a few comedians have recently covered the race, including the first Democratic debate.

Here is Stephen Colbert on the debate, mocking his use of statistics by showing how Bernie Sander would split a check at dinner. Colbert realized that due to Facebook sponsoring the debate, the backdrop will filled with “F CNN.” Noting Sanders’ comments on Hillary Clinton’s email during the debate, Colbert joked, “You know the debate was really uneventful when the banner headline the next day is ‘Elderly Man Not Interested In Email.'”

Here is Saturday Night Live’s take on the Democratic Debate. Larry David received most of the coverage for his amazing impersonation of Bernie Sanders. Alec Baldwin also had a great impersonation of Jim Webb, using his actual positions and showing why it was inevitable that he would drop out of the race. He passed on answering these questions:

“Okay, senator. Sure. You’re the only person here with an A rating from the NRA. Want to tell us why?” His next question was, “You once said that affirmative action is racist against whites. Explain?”

Bill Maher did a segment showing how the Republicans like Donald Trump hear something totally different when Sanders said something. Watch the video for the full list, with some examples below:

Sanders said, “I supported President Clinton’s effort to deal with ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.”

Republicans heard, “I will refocus our military on gardening and interpretive dance. We must aspire to the fighting style of the Iraqi Army: tear off your uniforms and run.”

Sanders said:“When I was a young man, I strongly opposed the war in Vietnam.”

Republicans heard, “I would have loved to fight in Vietnam, but for the other side. Not only do I hate our troops, but sometimes I lock John McCain in his office, do a Vietnamese accent and laugh.”

Sanders said that he“has a D-minus voting rating from the NRA.”

Republicans heard, “Rifles are for men with small penises. Every single gun in this country should be confiscated and melted down to make Tony Awards.”

Bill Maher also interviewed Sanders at the start of the show. Video above.

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  • I’d also recommend to everyone who hasn’t seen it Obama’s invocation of Grumpy Cat.

    • While it is understandable why Obama tried to deal with Republicans initially, he has been more fun since he realized that was not going to work, and has moved on to mocking them.


    Forget spoofing just one candidate… Lets See Larry David ‘do’ a full on Pres hopefuls debate spoof with the cast of Curb Your Enthusiasm—

    LD as Bernie, JB Smoove as Ben Carson, Jeff Garlin as Chris Christie, Susie Essman can be Hillary….—perfect for a Curb

    Your Enthusiasm episode. And Make it ‘topical’ —ALL THE presidential

    candidates are portrayed as Zombies.

    Until then —Larry D could use this –THE LOST EPISODES –here:…/dp/1491081627

    It’s Season 9 (and 10) just sitting there waiting for him.

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