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Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 in At TMV | 5 comments

Southern Baptists Urge Boy Scouts To Retain Ban On Gays

Not exactly surprising news that a group as intolerant of opposing views as the Southern Baptists would urge the Boy Scouts to retain the ban on gays in the organization.

While I accept the right of anyone to hold differing views on an issue I find this position particularly upsetting. Remember that we are not talking about passing a resolution which would force units to accept gays. The resolution would simply allow each local troop to decide for themselves if they wanted to have gays in the group.

What could be more reasonable than local control and letting people make their own choices ?

And of course this doesn’t even get into the fact that there are ALREADY gays in the Scouts, they are just forced to violate the scouting rules about truth in order to join.

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  • Rambie

    And of course this doesn’t even get into the fact that there are ALREADY gays in the Scouts…

    In the USA sure, in Canada the BSA allows gays and even young-girls into the Scouts (source).

    It’s second hand bigotry. They don’t have to be the ones to “ban the gays” by pointing the finger at the national BSA council, but if the decision is passed down to them then they don’t get the cover. The LDS church also wants to keep the ban at a National level.

  • ordinarysparrow

    The Southern Baptist really like to share the Good News…to those that are not on their list of condemnation…

    The good ole Southern Baptist with their full hearted commitment to tell the world the Good News of Jesus Christ….

    God condemns all that partake in any of the following groups:
    ( a short list of those condemned at their annual conventions. Each year i listen to see who will be next._
    Yoga practitioners
    New Thought
    Moderate Conservatives
    The media, except for Fox
    Space aliens
    Those that dance
    Those that read other translations beside the Kings James

    And now the Gay Boyscouts

    Will it be the Brownies next?

  • roro80

    Ugh, I just don’t understand some people. They think that their “right” never to have to encounter people they don’t like is more important than the rights of those people to exist and live their lives. A 6-year-old boy who may grow up to fall in love with a man (or maybe is just in the same “girls are icky” stage as all the other 6-year-old boys) can’t learn to build a campfire or tie a knot on a carabiner because…? Hey-soos told you the future and he’s gonna be a hairdresser? The whole this is so ridiculous.

    There are already national and local scounting-type organizations set up by churches. For those bigoted parents who are so worried that their precious child will be contaminated by The Gay if their kid accidentally gets paired up with a gay child during canoe exersizes, those church options would still be open.

  • roro80

    ordinarysparrow — I’m sure they already hate the Brownies, who already accept openly gay and trans* girls. (gasp!). Plus, teaching 6-year-old girls to be out-doorsy and handy seems like it might be considered a dark road to…being a hippy, maybe?

  • I wonder if the are urging them not to eat pork and shellfish as well.

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