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  • elrod

    I’m not convinced. She is no Ronald Reagan. She has “charm” but nothing like what Reagan had.

    Ronald Reagan spent decades actively pushing a national conservative agenda. If he didn’t know the wonkish details of every proposal he certainly understood the ideological implications of all major issues.

    Sarah Palin does not. Witness her accepting the Constitutional right to privacy. Does she not know that conservatives reject that?

    Would Ronald Reagan really say that he reads “all” the newspapers?

    Would Reagan really say that he knows foreign policy because he can see Russia?

    No, Reagan was disciplined. Heck, Bush was disciplined.

    Palin is not.

    Americans already suspect of her being an uninformed dolt. And the economy is not going to go away as an issue overnight.

    Either she gives confidence to people that she understands the issues at heart or she doesn’t. Bland reference to “hard-working Americans” won’t cut it.

  • DLS

    Palin certainly has some people still remarkably distressed or otherwise out of their minds.

  • DLS,
    Are you implying some sort of Palin Derangement Syndrome? If you’re not yet worried about Sarah Palin, I suggest you watch her get destroyed by Katie Freakin Couric, not exactly the toughest interviewer around.

    Next up, you can peruse the long list of her unretracted lies since accepting the Veep spot.

  • I can wait.
    I’m not licking my chops.
    I’m not afraid.

  • DLS

    Actually, I heard her Roe v. Wade exchange with Couric (who was irritating). Palin’s reponse was so bad I actually was in such a state of agony I turned off the radio, as I have written on other threads already today.

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