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Posted by on Nov 10, 2009 in Society | 6 comments

Sniper Execution


Nate Beeler, The Washington Examiner

This cartoon is copyrighted and licensed to run on TMV. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited. All rights reseserved.

  • Leonidas

    About time they executed that cold blooded murderer. Thanks for bringing a bright spot to my day.

  • DLS

    I suspect most death penalty opponents will be conspicuously silent or absent about this, too.

    • mikkel

      I don’t get your point, what’s it have to do with anything about being for the death penalty? The arguments against are that innocent people get killed, it is applied unevenly, it costs more than life in prison and there is no deterrent effect. What aspect of this is an argument against any of those points?

      • CStanley

        I suspect that DLS may be talking about the politically partisan part of the death penalty debates (using death penalty convictions as a partisan bludgeon against the red states that issue and carry them out), which will likely mean a lot less noise about this particular conviction.

        At any rate, I also wanted to mention that there is another dimension to the anti- death penalty argument that you didn’t include, and that’s the view that no one (or no government) has the right to take another life even if the person is guilty of a heinous crime. That’s my personal viewpoint, and that’s why I don’t celebrate or support this execution even though I don’t harbor the doubts about guilt or fairness that might apply in other cases.

  • Father_Time

    Death be with you Muhammad.

  • Leonidas

    I celebrate it. The idea of the public funding food clothing and medical care for this cold blooded beast for the rest of his life is appalling, avoiding that by executing this monster makes me smile. As soon as a anti-death penalty agrees to finance the cost of his incarceration, I’ll have no problem with letting him live on their dime.

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