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Posted by on Nov 4, 2014 in 2014 Elections | 3 comments

SMH: Georgia Secretary of State Voter Info Website Down on Election Day

Jason Carter

Jason Carter

Georgia’s voter info website down. Yes, today of all the days. How convenient, considering that the site is maintained by the Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s office. Um, he’s a Republican.

Some users reported they could get the site’s splash page to load, but when they entered their information, they were told that no match could be found in their county for their information.

The Georgia Senate race between Republican David Perdue and Democrat Michelle Nunn is one of the most hotly contested in the nation. Georgia Republicans have seen their significant polling advantages erode steadily over the last year.

Democratic State Senator Jason Carter — grandson of former President Jimmy Carter — is also in a statistical dead heat for the governor’s office against Republican incumbent Gov. Nathan Deal.

Republican Sec. of State Brian Kemp’s office maintains the website. Kemp stated earlier this year that the job of Republicans is to block the Democratic Party’s efforts to organize and mobilize black and Latino voters into a viable voting bloc.

“Democrats are working hard, and all these stories about them, you know, registering all these minority voters that are out there and others that are sitting on the sidelines,” Kemp told supporters in July, “if they can do that, they can win these elections in November.” Source: Raw Story

Brian Kemp’s office tweeted a phone number for voters to use in order to locate their polling stations. Um, how many people actually use Twitter? Besides, you would have to be following his Twitter account to even see the tweet. This comes as 40,000 voter registrations magically disappeared from the state’s database.

This was cross-posted from The Hinterland Gazette.

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  • sheknows

    Thanks Janet. So many dirty tricks.

    “Election officials in 27 states, most of them Republicans, have launched a program that threatens a massive purge of voters from the rolls. Millions, especially black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters, are at risk. Already, tens of thousands have been removed in at least one battleground state, and the numbers are expected to climb, according to a six-month-long, nationwide investigation by Al Jazeera America.” Oct 2014
    Just where and WHEN does the DOJ get involved? This is ridiculous. As a taxpayer, I for one would be MORE than happy to pay for this type of arduous and lengthy investigation leading to criminal prosecution!

  • Slamfu

    I’d heard about this earlier and all I have to say is are you effing kidding me? The voter ID’s, the voter roll purges, the reductions in early voting and hours that polling stations are open, now this? What SK said, at what point does this stuff become a criminal?

  • willwright

    Kemp and Governor Deal are also birthers who tried to keep Obama’s name off the ballot in 2012. These people should be prosecuted and the election results thrown-out if this is proven. Georgia is moving towards purple and the GOP seems willing to do what’s needed to prevent a changing of the guard.

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