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Posted by on Feb 10, 2017 in TMV News | 0 comments

Site hacked and Update

Image courtesy of The Hacker News (

Hello readers.

As you may have seen, a number of articles had their content changed by hackers who seem enjoying playing in the censorship bucket. This is the reason why you haven’t seen posts in the past 36 to 48 hours. After some 3rd party investigation, we have narrowed down that the hackers are right here in the USA (they tried to use Russian-based systems to cover themselves but they were sloppy). Inquiries have been made to the USA-based Internet service providers that these hackers have originated from and this could lead to legal action.

New articles should start appearing soon. Additional safeguards and a few traps are being set for future hackers. So we are staying vigilant. Thank you for you continued support.

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