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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Politics, Society | 4 comments

Seven Weeks That Can Save the Nation

The crucial contest for America’s soul is on, a down-ticket struggle to loosen the grip of a feckless Congress that has held the country hostage during Barack Obama’s first term and would again if a treasonous Tea Party grip is not loosened in November.

The picture is not promising. Late projections show Democrats gaining only eight of the 49 seats needed to overcome the edge of John Boehner’s intractable troops.

The Senate prospect is worse, with the darkest scenario showing Republicans poised to take control by as much a margin as 51 to 47.

And yet… In this weird year, many contests are close and still changeable, leaving seven weeks for those who care enough to try to save the country by putting their time and money where their mouths are.

From Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia and Florida to Wisconsin, Missouri and Montana, there are Senate seats that could go either way

Both sides of the political chasm talk about grass-roots democracy, but the true issue is whether enough citizen clout can offset SuperPAC money and change the electoral landscape.


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  • ShannonLeee

    We can only hope that Mitt Romney continues to ruin the Republican brand.

  • irisgarden55

    Maybe I’m being naive, but the cat is already out of the bag. Romney showed us time and again who he really is. He is not one of “us”. Once the first debate, hopefully Romney will be specific – most studies of the R/R plan show that the middle class and the “47%” will be squeezed even more. 1.5 million people in that 47% are military personnel and their families on food stamps. R/R plan to gut that program by 40%. So exactly who is going to go without food – children and the working poor, or military? He only sees the spreadsheet, numbers, the bottom line – he doesn’t realize there are real, living, breathing people on the other end who will be devastated. Unless he tells us him and his rich buddies are going to provide the funds for these families…….don’t think that will ever happen!

  • SteveK

    What Robert writes is true, there is work to be done and the clock’s ticking.

    In his book, ” American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America” Colin Woodard observed:

    Our constitutional order — an arrangement negotiated among the regional cultures — assumes and requires compromise in order to function at all.
    And the U.S. needs its central government to function cleanly, openly and efficiently because it’s one of the few important things that bind us together.

    This reason alone is why those bent on obstructionist ideologies must be voted out this November… It’s absolutely necessary.

    That the thoughtful Republicans who are paying attention seemingly can’t see this is dumbfounding, and completely inexcusable.

  • zephyr

    We should probably stop calling them Republicans and refer to them instead as Obstructionists. It’s the more accurate moniker. I hope Stein is right about their being something in the air. If republicans lose the White House but continue to maintain (or gain) strength in congress, then the citizens of this country (including the ones who don’t know any better) are still screwed. I’ll never stop being amazed at the sheer stupidity of people who vote against their own interests time after time.

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