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  • Entropy

    Of course not. It’s not like there’s any hope of the Dems playing nice, so the entire point is moot. That’s what happens, unfortunately, in a 2-party duopoly on political power.

  • Somebody


  • Pyst

    Of course not, the GOP will use the replacements at the beginning fo the next presidency (mind you not during the middle of, and for political protection of GOPers mind you) as a political football, when it’s normal practice going way back unlike the recent crapola.

    Personally I’d like the exsisting fed prosecutors doing a good job to stay, and the ones “replaced” recently to be re-instated. All hte others should be put out of their Regency U educated behinds to find real work. Good luck to those 4th teir law schools folks finding jobs at real law firms.

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