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Posted by on May 18, 2010 in At TMV | 0 comments

Sestak Wins

Well since I am not a network and have nothing to lose by doing it, I’m calling the Pennsylvania Senate primary for Joe Sestak.

Sestak is at this point leading 53-47 and most of the big returns are in from Philadelphia. Even there Sestak is winning around 40% which is amazing for a big machine city. The rest of the state is largely going for Sestak.

I feel sort of bad for Specter, he had a long and distinguished career of public service (even if you don’t entirely agree with his politics he has been a public servant since the 60’s). He could have easily retired with dignity but chose to try and stick around.

He also made some big mistakes, including admitting to the camera that he switched parties to stay in power. He also probably was a Republican too long to try and run as a Democrat. There was a devastating ad which showed him saying this as well as linking him to former President Bush

The race is over.

(Seems AP was waiting for me to make my call, they just followed my lead)

I also think we can call the 12th for the Democrats as the only major outlying county is a strongly Democratic one

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