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Posted by on Sep 2, 2007 in At TMV | 4 comments

Senator Larry Craig: Right Here In Boise City, With A Capital H That Rhymes with Hay

There’s been a retelling of a huge sex scandal in Idaho 52 years ago. The two op ed writers, Seth Randal and Alan Virta, detail how in Boise on Halloween night in 1955, several men were rounded up who were accused of having sex with teenage boys.

But then the dragnet harrowed out of control, far, far further, arresting ‘hidden’ gay men, citizen businessmen of Boise, who were seemingly having consensual sex with adults. The writers note that this enormous scandal as recently as 2000, had some of its ramifications and allegations discussed at the Idaho Supreme Court.

The writers also note that when this scandal broke, Larry Craig was ten years old. Their import is that no young person in Idaho escaped learning how ‘bad’ it was to be gay. And how some who were accused, denied denied denied.

The NYT op ed is here:

I added the word ‘seemingly’ to the second para, because in reading the op ed again, the outcome of charges against consensual adults is not stated definitively. It is clear in the op-ed that persons acting privately were called out publicly.

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  • Craig incident, now being referred to as “toiletgate”, presents substantial strategy problem for GOP. Where GOP has campaigned on morality issues, but its politicians have fallen short of the mark time and time again. See further comment at my blog http:/

  • kritter

    Former NJ Gov Jim McGreevy wrote an interesting editorial in WaPo that was sympathetic to Craig. McGreevy described his own experience as a teenager trying to reconcile the “straight” expectations of his family and of society at large with his own darker urges. He said at the time he could only find out about homosexuality at the library under “Deviant Sexuality”. How difficult it must have been to find self-acceptance in such an atmosphere.

    Today’s gays have come out of the closet, and are fighting for rights under the law, but the older generation was under tremendous pressure to stay closeted, producing the furtive, illegal encounters that drove both Craig and McGreevy from office.

  • Lynx

    Kritter, I agree that the older generation has had to deal with much more in terms of deep repression than younger people (though probably the situation is perpetuated in the rural bible belt to this day) I don’t think that being Gay is what drove McGreevy from office. It had a lot more to do with being corrupt. His “I am a Gay American” as if that were the BIG part of the story was disgusting in it’s exploitative nature. Yeah he’s Gay, and he deserved to leave his job for being corrupt. Likewise, I think it’s not fair that Craig lose his job for being Gay, being that so far as I know it hasn’t affected his job performance.

  • kritter

    I didn’t mean to excuse McGreevy’s acts of corruption- they were definitely over the line. In the same light, I felt that the real problem with Craig was his attempts to use his office to avoid justice, and his transparent lies at his press conference.

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